I really can’t answer that.  Only you.  Do you listen to the tiny voice only you can hear?  This can be very difficult in a society that values conformity.  There are so many pressures you face–inward and outside.  Your conscience can be a dictator (or free you).  There are no easy answers.  To love another means to be able to reach out to others and forget yourself.  First, though you have to like and love yourself.  Respect starts with you.  If you do not respect yourself how can you possibly respect others?  Listening to a tune of a different drummer (words coined by Thoreau) means having the courage to follow the path only you truly can follow.  There are no lack of people to tell you how to lead your life and somehow you need to respect the lives of those closest to you.  That is truly a balancing act.  Maybe now you can answer that question a little better:  Do you walk to a tune of a different drummer?  Only you know to what degree that might be true.

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One Response to “Do You Walk To A Tune Of A Different Drummer?!”

  1. Sara Says:

    This is something I think about quite a bit, Siggy. My drummer has always had a happy, hippy beat, often eschewing the things that “they” tell us we should do and be. For years I have ignored fashion advice. I cannot imagine WHY a particular color or style should be inappropriate for a particular year. So WHAT if this is the year of brown? I look terrible in brown, and worse yet, I FEEL terrible in brown. It makes me depressed! BRING ON THE PURPLE, please…..and the BLUE PURPLES and the REDS and the colors that lift the soul straight to the skies. My inner drummer is all about love. I’ve noticed that TV commercials lately have a totally mean streak. My drummer cannot relate. So be it.