It is only three days from spring. This week we got a late winter storm. I am curious how long it would take for all the snow to melt. There is still quite a bit still on the ground and the next week it will be warmer but not too much warmer. Will all the snow be gone in another week. We will see.

Six days ago after I noticed the first bed of crocuses were coming up, now I noticed daffodils and the first hyacinths are also on their way. Now I am counting the weeks and days to spring and walking the garden every day to see what is coming up next.

I spotted a piliated woodpecker in our yard pecking away on a tree fifty feet away.  I had never seen one in our yard before.  I quickly called my wife to view it.  She had never seen one before.  She grabbed her camera and got several good pictures of it with her zoom.  The woodpecker stayed on that tree at least an half hour.  Today I kept looking at that tree expecting it to be there but it wasn’t.  It is rare to see one.  You usually hear their wild cackle.  And not them.  It is an exotic looking bird about fifteen inches tall and with a long red crown.

I actually took two layers of clothing off when I was outside. Spring is two days plus four weeks away. I checked the eight day forecast–every day was the fifties and sixties. I could not believe it. We only had one extended freeze this winter. Is there any more cold weather in the future. And snow?!  What a warm winter so far!

Usually all my three black animals (two dogs and one cat) sack out with me. My cat Cool Hand Luke is the only cat to follow me into my bedroom.(I have seven). I have owned her for over fourteen years. She is Pre L., my other. She settles in the bed depending where Tilla positions himself on my left side by my head. She often lays in the upper left of the corner a few feet from my head. Sometimes she will lie down by my right armpit and purr loudly when I reach out to her. Coco, Tilla’s sister, has her spot on the left side of the bed laying on a thin cushion topped by a pillow and torn ruffled bunched up woolen blanket. That is the typical routine the three animals follow. They are at wits end the time or two during the year I may be away. They will mill around the bed not knowing what to do when the evening comes and my wife goes to bed.

Tilla, my favorite dog, did not miss one night since I came back from my 50th high school reunion. When I go to bed he is waiting for me on the left side of me often sound asleep. We had to board our three dogs when we took a trip to NJ. Tilla let loose an howl when we brought him home from the kennel. I never heard such a sound come from his. throat. It was pain! He must have felt abandoned and did not know if we were coming back to get him. Now every night he sleeps by my side. He does not want to be too far from me. He is not taking any chances.

The biggest discovery today was in my garden. One patch of crocus was about a quarter inch high. It is only February 13 today. Spring is coming, spring is coming!


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September 9, 2016, 9:45 a.m. (Facebook):


I am going to a 50th high school reunion. Approximately eighty people will be there from my class. Of that class, there are two who I have kept in contact through the years although for thirty years I lost contact with one. That is a real gift to have at least two people (other than family) in your life who you have a history with, who know you since you were a child. I treasure these two relationships. When you make friends with me, it is for life. Yours. Or mine.

Scotty Brown I, too, hope to attend a 50th next summer. I have maintained friendship over the years with a handful of originals. I have lost touch with a couple, but think fondly of them. Have learned to know some others over the years, who I did not hardly know in school! Have a great time, Siggy
10:04 a.m.
Siggy J. David The reason I never made more friends later from my high school I moved twice–the last time out of state
12:01 p.m.
Susan Cranwell Osgood You’ve got a lot of friends here in Perry County. We’ve been friends for over fifteen years. Thanks for the birthday card. Can’t believe another year has gone by. Love Sue 1.44 p.m.
Mark A. Davis Hey Siggy! Facebook makes our world small, rarely go on Facebook, might post via another site, yet this came into in-box so I’m here, queer, and crazy, too! High school friends are lasting. Many feel like when we talk after ten or two years, it feels like yesterday. Enjoy the moments from a special bond from our youth. Yet, 50th already? Wow! Doing math in head, not good at it then and certainly not now. It’s in 8 years, 2024. For the 20th anniversary walking in noticing shocked looks on classmates. Long story short rumors went from living with HIV to DEAD. Literally, there in front of them alive in living color. Gave myself award for coming back the longest distance beating Leta from Alaska. LOL Again, enjoy, reflect, enjoy more, etc. AND YES, WHEN MEETING YOU IT IS A FRIENDSHIP FOR LIFE!
12:38 p.m.


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September 8, 2016, 11:58 a.m. (Facebook):


Coco, Tilla’s (two of my dogs) sister is quite different than him. She is this black midsized long haired dog with the most adorable fluffy ears. I swear she knows she is cute. She likes to observe things first. She sometimes is the first one to bed down an hour before I do. She can be quite insistent. When all three dogs are out,. she will be the first one to bark and bark to come in. She sometimes will lie down paws crossed like a prim and proper lady. She likes her privacy: She will occasionally go to another room to be by herself. When she is happy, she will slowly swish her tail back and forth. I love her dearly.

Scotty Brown A proper lady does value her privacy.
9/8/16, 3:17 p.m.
Siggy J. David She is all lady and quite insistent and stubborn but at the same time very lovable. I know I have her for a season.
9/9/16, 1:08 p.m.

September 8, 2016, 9:10 a.m. (Facebook):


The Birds In My Backyard And The Dawn
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The dawn is only an hour away. I can not wait to see the first chickadees come to my feeders. They never fail to delight me. I am always thrilled by the magnificent red-bellied woodpeckers who come to feed on the suet I have put out near the trunk of the large pine tree outside my large living room window.

The downy woodpeckers come during the day. They seem to stand at attention as they feed and go around the trunk of the tree. The occasional cardinals who feed on the ground are very wary. The beautiful bright red male cardinal never fails to delight me, too.

Every once in awhile I see a brown creeper. And the many goldfinch who love the thistle I put out for them. They will sit at the feeder for five minutes eating the thistle. Often there will be a dozen feeding on the ground. I can not wait for the males to turn yellow again. Before, I rarely saw them. Now they have become commonplace. Maybe, now I take them for granted. The slate covered junco come in flocks and might have gone away.

These are the more common birds I see out of my window every day but I never know when I will be surprised. I am waiting to see if I see any flocks of indigo buntings. They are such beautiful birds who I only see a few times a year.

There are also the piliated woodpeckers. I usually hear them not see them. Their wild cackle is unmistakable and when I am lucky I actually spot one with its large long red crown. It is such an exotic looking bird over a foot long. I never forgot the first one I spotted outside my house. I had to run into the house to grab my binoculars to get a good look at it. It was over a hundred feet away perched on a stump. I absolutely love birds. I have all my life. I guess you got that idea.

Matt Miskie I love birds too Siggy J. David – I had a number of great events at the bird feeders this year – first – late in the winter a pair of bluebirds were regulars – this is unusual because my location is really not typical bluebird territory – we had more variety of woodpeckers than usual, but the biggest surprise was when a rose breasted gross beak came and spent about 20 minutes at the feeder in early spring. Between the bird feeders and the butterfly bushes i have all of the entertainment i will ever need 🙂 Thanks for your posts.

9/8/16, 10:32 a.m.

Summer is fading quickly

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September 7, 2016, 12:32 p.m. (Facebook):

Summer is fading quickly: black eyed susans now are frayed and tattered. I enjoyed looking at them for a long time. Today I counted twelve morning glories–a new record. There were four different kinds–one light purple and a deeper purple and two white ones–one completely white and another white with narrow pale pink bars radiating from the center. A few hours after I viewed them they were closed. Their flowers, as far as I can tell, bloom only once. I put out new nectar today for the hummingbirds fully aware sometime soon they will stop coming and take their long journey to warmer climes. I always wonder if the one I see today will be the last one of the season. I am waiting for the flocks of small blackbirds that come through our area twice a year–in spring and fall. Our weather is always characterized by change. Nothing stays the same way forever,

My Real Education

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August 18, 2016, 1:00 p.m. (Facebook):

I never considered school as being my real education. I never let myself be deluded that way. My true education was following my interests, books I read and personal experiences.