Why I Love My Animals

Author: siggy

March 31st, 2018

They never pretend to feign emotion. Each dog I have has a soul and personality. I find it comforting when I go into my den in the morning and usually one my three dogs  sits a few feet away from me. All that is very comforting. My animals do not care if do not have a degree. The animals you love, love you back, but each is his/her own way. I did not have a pet growing up. I now feel blessed with seven cats and three dogs. Pax, Tilla’s father, died a few years ago: we kept two of  his kids. Sweetie our dog rescue is their Mom and  Sweetie, still defers to her two pups, Coco and Tilla, even though it has been a long time since she gave birth to them. I just love petting all my animals and treating each one individually, for each animal has their own personality and I have to respect that.  They are gifts to me.  It is all serendipity!

My one pup (he is at least two now) “Atilla” is a “funny” dog.  When he wants attention or thinks he is not getting enough, he locks himself in either the bathroom or our office.  And waits until we get him.  We usually hear the door quietly close.

Sometimes when he is in the office with us he will close the door behind us to make sure no other animal will come in to compete for his attention.  We have four dogs and eight cats.  At least this is our guess.  You never know for sure what is in a dog’s mind.