Winter is less than four weeks away. It is in the sixties today. The cold weather will return. Nevertheless, I will enjoy today. I just learned that 2014 has been the warmest in history. I am sure the bitter cold will come and there will be snow again. The only question is how bad will winter be. And spring will follow. Isn’t that a happy thought?

It was a brief respite from the Autumn cold. I thought I had put my shorts away for the season but today it was muggy and abnormally warm. I discarded my shirt and put on a pair of my tee shirts on along with a pair of shorts. We are getting a last burst of summer. I will enjoy the weather fully aware the cold is coming back and I have to be prepared with warmer clothing.

It was as if someone hit a switch: summer was over and fall came. Summer has only a few days left officially. The warmer temperatures were gone and fall arrived. For that matter, August was not that warm. Now we can watch the fiery display of the leaves turning as we do each autumn.

I Froze

Author: siggy

I froze.  I quickly dashed out for an errand and was glad to be back in my heated house.  Twenty-nine degrees outside.  Yes, winter has come.  Not officially for another three weeks.  The cold is here to stay.  Once winter comes I will start a countdown to spring.  Anything to relieve the cold.  I know before I know it winter will pass and spring is next.  It is all an illusion.  The cold weather is here to stay.  It is going to be a long winter.

I put out fresh thistle today.  I had not seen a goldfinch in weeks.  I tried scraping out the caked thistle as best as I could using the end of a knife before putting out new thistle.  Let us see if the goldfinch come back.  And how long it will take.

I have a “confused” black eyed susan:  It is budding.  They flowered several months ago and now all that was left was pods containing seeds but this one wanted to put out a single bloom.  I am keeping my eyes open for the flower to unfold.  It is still warm outside.

Part of our yard was covered with pine needles.  It happens every fall.  We have four large white pine trees clumped together.  There were thousands, maybe millions, of brown pine needles that fell to the ground.  In fact, a few days ago we were playing a game of scrabble in our yard and there was an avalanche of pine needles upon us.  It amazed me there were so many.  This happens every Autumn–this shower of needles.

Indian Summer Is Over

Author: siggy

Indian summer is over.  Within the last week, we ended a week of weather whereby it hit eighty each day.  Now sometimes the high temperature of the day falls below sixty degrees.  Now it is wet and cold.  I am no longer wearing tee shirts and shorts.  I have to pack them away.  The summer is over for good at least until next year.

I have been watching the “monster” cactus hanging outside from a tree and its four buds.  Two are almost open.  They should make it before it gets too cold for the plant and we have to bring it in for the season.  It really does not like the cold too much.  Two buds that are just emerging will probably not make it but the other two will.  I am absolutely thrilled we will have flowers from the plant.  When we bought the plants months ago it had multiple flowers.  They were gigantic several inches wide and tall.  These probably won’t be that big.  I think my wife bought the plant to spoof me.  Its tentacles hanging from the tree are several feet long.  I have never seen anything like it before.

It Is Becoming Colder

Author: siggy

It is becoming colder.  I am no longer wearing tee shirts and shorts, which I do all summer.  Now I am wearing long pants and undershirt and shirt.  The next thing I have to put on when it gets even colder is a sweat shirt or sweater.  Fall is around the corner.  The leaves are starting to fall.

The summer is on its way out.  Labor Day is today.  I noted the low temperature last night was seventy.  That might be the highest overnight for the rest of the year.  We might have to wait until 2014 to see such temperatures at night.  Already the highs are dropping to the seventies and the lows overnight are going to be in the fifties.  Summer officially has a few weeks to go.  The colder weather is coming.  How depressing.

The first snowfall this fall came last night.  It was a light snowfall and a smattering of snow and every tree was covered in white.  It wasn’t to amount to too much but it was a beautiful sight.  The roads were cleared but I loved seeing the mantel of white.  Let us see what the rest of the fall and winter has in store for us.  I was out already once in my car to the post office but I had to drive cautiously.