My First Concert

Author: siggy

My first concert was at Carnegie Hall in 1965. I was a sophomore in high school. I saw Peter, Paul & Mary. It was “magical”. Even today when I listen to their first album (Peter, Paul & Mary)(1962) I can’t help but to sing along. To be, it is a spiritual experience listening and singing along to that album. I sent a ninety minute cassette of them I compiled from my record collection to L. when I was courting her. She finally listened to after I bugged her and fell in love with them again. I saw them later twice but nothing compared to my first concert. It was my first concert and at was at the famous concert hall Carnegie Hall.

I Know It Was Magic

Author: siggy

I know it was magic:  it was my first concert.  The year was 1965 and it was Carnegie Hall and Peter, Paul & Mary and they were great.

Mary Travers died last year of leukemia.  I loved Peter, Paul & Mary.  My wife fell in love with them again when she listened over and over to the ninety minute cassette I had made of the group.

Every once in awhile I listen to the first album they made (titled Peter, Paul & Mary) (1962).  It is still my favorite one of theirs.  Every time I play it I have to sing along.

Listening to that album again is still like a spiritual experience to me.  It is still magic.  I have no regrets.  I saw them in concert when I wanted to.  I will miss Mary Travers and Peter, Paul & Mary although they left behind a fine musical legacy.