First Day Of Spring

Author: siggy

It was the first day of spring. I am waiting for the snow to melt from our late snowfall. I never started my spring countdown. We had that unusually warm February and then it got cold again. I could not wait for spring to come. I am going to check on our daffodils on the side of the house. They are one sturdy plant. Somehow a miniature daffodil bloomed over a week ago. Now it is covered with snow.

Six days ago after I noticed the first bed of crocuses were coming up, now I noticed daffodils and the first hyacinths are also on their way. Now I am counting the weeks and days to spring and walking the garden every day to see what is coming up next.

In a mere four days spring arrives.  I usually start a countdown to spring earlier but this weather was unusually warmer.  The primrose and crocuses have bloomed.  The daffodils are next.  Pretty soon we will start planting pansies and other flowers.

Spring is coming, Spring is coming !!! I am waiting for today and tomorrow to end. Then we get five days of Spring-like weather. My crocuses have eleven buds, and the daffodils are getting higher and higher. I know the cold weather this year was short, but I still remember those ice cold days we had. Spring is less than two weeks away, and I can’t wait for it to come.

A Harbinger Of Spring

Author: siggy

Some daffodils were poking their heads under the tree. This was a harbinger of spring. I checked the bed of primrose–no flowers yet.

Before I know it the slate covered juncos will be gone. There is a reason they are, also, called “snow” birds. The snow will melt, the temperatures will rise and they they will migrate North and will not return till next year. I keep checking the ten day forecast and temperatures will hit the forties in a few days and gradually rise and spring will be here–now only three weeks away. Last I checked the daffodils were not poking their head out of the ground but I have not looked in a week. The blooming of the crocus and primrose are not far away and then I will have to make daily inspections for the next sign of spring. Spring is a time of rebirth.

The Cold Freeze

Author: siggy

It is hard to imagine spring is less than four weeks away. The warmest it gets in the next ten days will be thirty-four degrees. That is the only time it will be above freezing. They are still predicting more snow. I do not want to leave the warmth of my house. As soon as the covering of the snow melts (as if it will ever) and that is how it feels right now, I will check to see if the daffodils are coming up. Those are the two spring flowers–daffodils and crocuses that come up first. Actually the primrose come up first but I am not sure any of them are left. It is too cold for even them.

There were two clumps of daffodils in the middle of the woods.  Someone must have a sense of humor.  We thought about transplanting them but we decided it was kind of cool to have them there.  There is at least two different varieties there:  They are large and one is yellow and another is white.  Every year they come up.  I questioned my wife about them.  She does not know who planted them.  It was such a long time ago.

There are so many varieties of daffodils.  I was looking a little harder just at the ones we had and was amazed at the variations.  First of all they come in all different sizes–some miniature and others large and even in between those two sizes.  Some are completely white and others just yellow.  Others are both colors.  Some yellows are not as bright as others.  And some flowers the center part is ruffled.  I never paid my attention to all the varieties until this year and had fun walking around my yard and noting the variations the daffodils had.  God must have had a lot of fun when he came up with the flower.

There were several dozen daffodils open on the side of the house.  It was only last week I checked and none were open.  Last week we even had one night in the twenties.  We are in the middle of a heat wave for spring.  Just yesterday I discovered we had some miniature daffodils blooming.  I might have bought her some miniature daffodils last year and she planted them.  And up they came this year.  I want to see if our fig tree made it through the cold weather.  It is exciting to walk around the garden to see what is going to spring up next.

Today there was one purple primrose blooming–one flower with a yellow star inside.  I was told recently that the yellow primrose are hardier.  I planted several other colored primrose but this is the first one that was not just yellow.  There are some other buds coming up.  Let us see what colors they will be.  It is getting a little warmer.  The yellow primrose have been blooming for weeks now.  The daffodils have not bloomed yet but I keep checking them every day or two.

The purple crocuses are still blooming.  They last a long time although they are not open the whole day depending on the daylight.  The yellow primrose are the only other flowers blooming.  For the second year in a row they made it through the whole winter.  I checked on our daffodils.  They are not blooming yet.  Other flowers are coming up like the hyacinth and tulip and I am sure there will be others.  It is exciting to walk around our land and see what is coming next.  I once had a teacher who had lived in Hawaii and did not understand what spring meant to others until she moved here.  Spring is always an reawakening of the earth here.