“Tilly, Willy”, as I affectionately call him, and I fall asleep together. Lately he jumps on the bed right next to me as I fall asleep. My eighty pound dog is comforting to be within reach. I stroke him as I fall asleep. My wife who sometimes goes to sleep an half an hour later says he is gone from the bed by then. He is my buddy. I have a special relationship with him–all eighty pounds of him. He is open about his affection toward me: Sometimes he will jump on the bed when I enter our bedroom just to be hugged and hug me. And jump off when I leave the room.

Tilla jumped enthusiastically on my bed to greet me.  He wanted a hug and was now on eye level.  His body shook all over in anticipation of my greeting.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all your friends made it that plain how glad they were to see you.  There is nothing like a dog for unconditional love.  In fact, some people prefer dogs to humans:  they don’t disguise their feelings.

A pet’s love is nothing you can earn.  Sure, you can feed it and give it water.  Nevertheless they have their own ways and proclivities.  I don’t know why Cheyenne, one of my cats, usually goes in the opposite direction when I approach him but he does.  Each animal has their own personality and likes and dislikes.  Tilla, one of my black dogs, and I have a special relationship.  When he wants a hug, he puts his paws and chest on me when I am sitting–all eighty pounds of him.

Some of my seven cats ignore me.  Buttons is one.  He is about as wild as you can be and still be an indoor cat.  He is also another that goes the opposite direction when I approach him.  Catching him to take to the vet is near impossible.  He is a tiger looking cat and we have two of them.  The other appropriately called Tiger will let me pet him.  Cool hand Luke is the last animal I brought into this marriage and he is the closest cat I have to being mine.  He usually sleeps on our bed.  The other three dogs we have are all different.

Pax loves bread and is a thief.  Don’t leave your bagel unattended.  Coco will appear at your lap if you are eating anything crunchy and demand her share.  Sweetie does have a lovable nature.  And she is a golden retriever.  She will insist on you giving you her (???) attention.  She is almost needy and probably gets lost in the mix of dogs.  If she was the only dog, she would get more attention but she is not.  I have not even talked about all the cats.  We have five others–all unique.  China is an exotically black and white colored cat, who is one laid back cat.  Her mom Jasmine is a diminutive, demure cat who holds her own with all the other cats.  There is nothing you can do to earn their love.  Sure you feed them.  They either like you or don’t.

“Tilla”, my favorite dog when he wants a hug put his front paws and chest on me when I am sitting.  He is a lean, black athletic dog who must be pushing at least eighty pounds.  He also joins me on my bed often within my reach.  My other two black animals also join me–Coco, a long haired dog at the foot of the bed (Tilla’s sister) and “Cool Hand Luke”, my cat, who sometimes arches his back nearby for a hug.  All three animals are black, a curious fact.  They know my routine and are often waiting for me in my bedroom where I go to retire.  Tilla sometimes will be waiting for me expectantly head alert.  This is a routine we have.