Why I Love My Animals

Author: siggy

March 31st, 2018

They never pretend to feign emotion. Each dog I have has a soul and personality. I find it comforting when I go into my den in the morning and usually one my three dogs  sits a few feet away from me. All that is very comforting. My animals do not care if do not have a degree. The animals you love, love you back, but each is his/her own way. I did not have a pet growing up. I now feel blessed with seven cats and three dogs. Pax, Tilla’s father, died a few years ago: we kept two of  his kids. Sweetie our dog rescue is their Mom and  Sweetie, still defers to her two pups, Coco and Tilla, even though it has been a long time since she gave birth to them. I just love petting all my animals and treating each one individually, for each animal has their own personality and I have to respect that.  They are gifts to me.  It is all serendipity!

Something endearing about my wife is she does not want to harm any thing even an ant. Life to her is very precious. She will release an ant or a spider she finds in the house gently outside.

It is because of her, we have seven cats and four dogs. Of course I have learned to love pets and dearly love each one. Each pet has their own distinct personality.

It is true you can’t easily go away when you have a menagerie of this size but to me that is a small price to pay. Each pet is lovely in their own right. And they give much more to me then I give to them.

Her sanctity of life and love of pets is definitely a quality of her I have fallen in love with. And every day I am reminded of this by each pet I come in contact with.

Cool Hand Luke is the only pet I brought into this marriage still alive. (August will be eight years I have been married.)  There was “Slinky” and “Daisy”, a cat and dog respectively now both dead.  Curiously all three animals are completely black.

Daisy was the first dog I raised from a pup and trained.  I really missed her when she died over two years ago.  Her eyes when I was in the same room never left me.  Slinky was a sweet though timid cat who died recently from cancer.

Cool Hand Luke is appropriately named.  She is one cool character, supremely confident and affectionate who lives in our bedroom.  She always keeps me company when I go to bed.

She loves to go through doors.  If I open our garage door (or any other door for that matter), she darts through the door even if I have it open only for seconds.  She is the only cat with that trait if you want to call it that.  She must be going on nine.

I have seven cats and four dogs and each has their own personality but Cool Hand Luke has a special place in my heart.  She is one cool character.