I want to add something positive to the people the Lord puts in my life.  That is how I am driven:  I want to encourage others.  That is my mission.  Sometimes I forget it but I keep returning to that.

If I can only focus on that, I will be doing God’s will.  I can not tell you what your mission is but that is mine.  No matter how much or how little time I have I will focus on that.

If the truth be told no on knows how much time he/she has been given on this earth.  If I can continue to focus on my mission, I will be fine.

Even if I only can only do small things that would be fine.  Isn’t life composed of many small things?  The big things only come along once in awhile, so I will not stop doing whatever I can to encourage and inspire others around me even if they are only small things.

Do little things with much love:  a paraphrase of Mother Teresa.  People never forget the kindnesses bestowed on them.  Others always remember how you made them feel.

WELCOME! I hope you will enjoy reading my blurbs.

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