We saw twin fawns with their Mom only a mile from our house. We saw the doe after spotting the fawns. I had a camera but could not figure out how to “capture” the scene. I had never seen twin fawns before. Maybe, next time I will have better command of my camera and will be able to get a picture of such a sight. Nevertheless, the scene will be indelibly etched in our minds. It was one precious moment.

Last night I flushed three fawns who vanished into the field.  They may have been triplets.  I did not see their mom anywhere but I am sure she was nearby.  I had never seen triplets before.  I never know exactly what I will flush along that road although I see deer less often there than the other way I have to go into town.  The juxtaposition of animals with people always amazes me.

Three deer bounded across the road right in front of me coming from the large meadow.  They must have been holed up in the tract of woods adjacent to my property.  It was an unusual spot to see deer.  Though there were deer tracks in the snow in my driveway a few weeks ago.  In the eight years I have only seen two deer here.  The three deer looked like they were fawns not yet completely grown.  Hunting season was long past.  They were heading toward the farmland and the forest beyond.  I was just surprised to see them here so close to my property.  There are other animals in the vicinity but they usually stay out of our view.  The juxtaposition of animals with civilization has always fascinated me.  And we are on the edge of country.  You just never know what you are going to see.

We were going home from church the back way.  Two fawns disappeared into the undergrowth on the right side of us.  I am sure “mom” was nearby but we did not see her.  I had never seen twin fawns before.  I was thrilled.  It was the highlight of my day.  In the wintertime the town does not even plow that road when it snows.  It was a little bit off the beaten path.  It is not unusual to see deer in the fields there in the early morning or dusk.  I never know exactly what animal I will see.