Six days ago after I noticed the first bed of crocuses were coming up, now I noticed daffodils and the first hyacinths are also on their way. Now I am counting the weeks and days to spring and walking the garden every day to see what is coming up next.

The purple crocuses are still blooming.  They last a long time although they are not open the whole day depending on the daylight.  The yellow primrose are the only other flowers blooming.  For the second year in a row they made it through the whole winter.  I checked on our daffodils.  They are not blooming yet.  Other flowers are coming up like the hyacinth and tulip and I am sure there will be others.  It is exciting to walk around our land and see what is coming next.  I once had a teacher who had lived in Hawaii and did not understand what spring meant to others until she moved here.  Spring is always an reawakening of the earth here.