My First Concert

Author: siggy

My first concert was at Carnegie Hall in 1965. I was a sophomore in high school. I saw Peter, Paul & Mary. It was “magical”. Even today when I listen to their first album (Peter, Paul & Mary)(1962) I can’t help but to sing along. To be, it is a spiritual experience listening and singing along to that album. I sent a ninety minute cassette of them I compiled from my record collection to L. when I was courting her. She finally listened to after I bugged her and fell in love with them again. I saw them later twice but nothing compared to my first concert. It was my first concert and at was at the famous concert hall Carnegie Hall.

I absolutely loved Peter, Paul & Mary. I use the past tense only because Mary Travers died last year not because I still don’t love hearing them: I do.

They had a rare blend of voices and had impeccable taste as far as the material they chose to record. Usually they recorded other people’s material but they always made the material their own.

They were all excellent songwriters, too. My first concert was Peter, Paul & Mary at Carnegie Hall in 1965. It was magical, they were great!  It was the first concert I ever went to:  I was a sophomore in high school.

Their first album “Peter, Paul & Mary” (1962) is still very high on my all time list of records to play.

They sang with passion and worked at it. Their singing very seldom was mannered. They left behind many memorable albums and most of them are still in print. I never get tired of hearing them.

And if you have not discovered them it is still not too late to explore their discography. You will be in for a treat.

The love we share of music is only by serendipity.  My wife and I both intensely love music.  We grew up listening to the same artists and groups.  She is also a musician, which I am not.  The only area she knows better than me is R&B, which I never went out of my way to listen to.

She is the recipient of my DJing every day.  And to me there is no greater joy than to share a beautiful piece of music, especially something she never heard.  Both of our tastes in music are eclectic:  we listen to a broad range of music.

I was responsible for her falling in love again with Peter, Paul & Mary.  She listened to the ninety minutes I put together of them on cassette repeatedly.

I have put together dozens of anthologies on cassette culled from my extensive music collection.  I must do a good job.  The cuts usually blend pretty well and she can’t tell always tell when they have come from different albums.

I have always gone deeply in particular groups and individual performers I have loved.  I sometimes surprise her with the material I have recorded of performers she knew well.

I turned her on to British folk rock–a world she had no idea of–Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span.  And performers from England like Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson and John Tams for starters.

She was the third woman I turned on to Richard Thompson.  The second one divorced me.  The first one was a friend.  And we have gone to several of his concerts.  She has fallen in love with his songwriting and guitar playing.  We never get tired of him.

To be able to share my deep love of music with my wife is a gift.  And I never forget that.  It is a real treat.  When I am home, the stereo usually is on although I have to admit when I go out, silence reigns.  I never take that love we share for granted.  It is a real gift.

I Know It Was Magic

Author: siggy

I know it was magic:  it was my first concert.  The year was 1965 and it was Carnegie Hall and Peter, Paul & Mary and they were great.

Mary Travers died last year of leukemia.  I loved Peter, Paul & Mary.  My wife fell in love with them again when she listened over and over to the ninety minute cassette I had made of the group.

Every once in awhile I listen to the first album they made (titled Peter, Paul & Mary) (1962).  It is still my favorite one of theirs.  Every time I play it I have to sing along.

Listening to that album again is still like a spiritual experience to me.  It is still magic.  I have no regrets.  I saw them in concert when I wanted to.  I will miss Mary Travers and Peter, Paul & Mary although they left behind a fine musical legacy.