One day this week, while going into town the back way, I noticed this big, brown draft horse in a field.  I wanted to be his friend, so I began stopping along the road, making sure that no car could hit me accidentally, and whispered to him softly.  I did this every day for a few days.  Once, he was 100 feet away and after I talked to him he actually came up to the fence and faced me.  Finally, today, he was right by the fence waiting for me to arrive.  I got out of the car and spoke softly to him, and offered him an apple on the palm of my hand.  He did not take it, but I reached out and petted him on the nose, being scared at the same time that he might bite me.  He didn’t move.  Next time I pass him, I will try giving him a carrot.  I have never made friends with a horse before.  I am thrilled we are getting to know each other, and that he was waiting for me today.  I don’t know his name yet, but it doesn’t matter.  He responds to my soft tones.