“Tilly, Willy”, as I affectionately call him, and I fall asleep together. Lately he jumps on the bed right next to me as I fall asleep. My eighty pound dog is comforting to be within reach. I stroke him as I fall asleep. My wife who sometimes goes to sleep an half an hour later says he is gone from the bed by then. He is my buddy. I have a special relationship with him–all eighty pounds of him. He is open about his affection toward me: Sometimes he will jump on the bed when I enter our bedroom just to be hugged and hug me. And jump off when I leave the room.

I sometimes get a really enthusiastic greeting from Tilly Willy, my favorite dog.  I will be in my bedroom and he will jump on my bed to get a hug from me, which I always do.  I never know when he is going to do that.  He is unpredictable.  He certainly knows how to make me feel wanted and is openly affectionate.  He is my favorite dog.  He and I have a special relationship.  My first dog I raised from a pup died awhile ago and I never thought another one like her would come along.  Daisy was one stubborn dog but when I was in the same room she never took his eyes off of me.  Tilly Willy aims to please.  He gets special treatment from me.

Again, my three black animals joined me in my bedroom.  First, “Cool Hand Luke” my black cat who I have had since I been married to my other was one animal–over ten years–and the other two dogs I consider my “pups” although now both are full grown.  We had the two dogs since the beginning.  They were born in my house.  The long haired one-Coco-usually can be found lying on my side of my bed and the other dog is “Tilly Willy” who usually joins me at the foot of my bed after I have retired for the night.  I never know what he is going to do next.  A few nights again he jumped on my bed and I fell asleep with him lying next to me.  I have to say these two dogs are not small dogs:  they probably weigh over eighty pounds each.  It is comforting to me to have them join me at night.

Tilla Loves Car Rides

Author: siggy

Tilla, my favorite dog (I have four) I discovered loves car rides. His nickname is “Tilly Willy”. Yesterday I was taking another to the vet and Tilla was quite insistent about going out. I thought he had business to do outside. That was not the case. He headed for my car. He just wanted another ride. So I said okay and he immediately hopped in the car and accompanied Pax to the vet. He loves being in the car and taking rides. And smiles and looks out the window.