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                    I WISH YOU...

You looked at me frail, uncertain
I remembered eyes of steel.
You gasp for breath,
Walk so slowly.
Somehow I never knew you.

You thought
Your life ended fifty years ago.
You emigrated
To the New World,
Raised a family.
You did so much, but so little.

I wanted you at my tennis matches.
I wanted so much for you
To be proud of me.
I wore out my adversaries.
I have not changed.

Yes, you starved in labor camps.
Came back to Poland.
Everyone, almost everyone was gone.
You never knew that fire burnt in me, too.

I, too, was in labor camps
At different places, at different times.
I, too, had to rise from the ashes
Of my own camps.

You never knew that.
You thought you were the only one.

I wish you knew.
I wish you knew.


"I do not mind getting my pants wet," my son said,
As he slid down the slide.
It was damp - the first day of Autumn.

"Higher and higher," he urged on the tire swing.
I did as he commanded.

Little boys (as well as little girls) are not to be dismayed
By not perfect conditions:  Life is full of them.

I can get too comfortable in my house
With an overcast sky, crisp outside.

The couch is too inviting.
It has not stopped raining.

Someone, though, has forgotten to tell my son.
He has reminded me again:  Life is full of drizzly days.

And the unexpected:

    The bald eagle I had never seen before
    Heading for Hawk Rock.

    The magnificent sunset that caught me by surprise
    In a place I did not expect to be,
    For my mind and body were tired.

    The ruby-throated hummingbird
    That invaded my backyard in the rain.

Yes, life is full of drizzly days.
And four year old boys who teach their fathers
What they have lost in the quest for wisdom.



All I could think of
After viewing our toad
Who is living under our bathtub
And likes to sit on a wet cloth--
He is getting real fat
And if he continues
To grow
He will eventually
Become wedged
Under the bathtub
And finally die
Then decompose
And it will smell so badly under there
That no one in our house
Will want to take a bath
And then the whole house will smell
Because we will smell
Then we will finally have to renovate
That old bathroom
And replace that bathtub
With a modern one without legs
And where will the next toad live?



Everything is by grace
Every step one takes
Every breath
One never knows
When ones time runs out.

It is so easy to take God
For granted
And every privilege
One has.

Roads do not continue
If someone does not repair
The potholes
Or keep them paved.

Everything is by grace
Our homes
And the heat it takes
To keep us warm there.

Everything is by grace
The skills
Each one has
Every bite one takes.

Everything is by grace
The people who unexpectedly
Lend us a hand
Angels are always among us.

The hope generated
In each new day
Everything is by grace
Our friends
Our mates

Our health
Our illnesses
Even our troubles
Everything is by grace.

And there are promises
God will never forsake us
Even in our darkest hour
Everything is by grace.

And only He can take away
The hurt and pain
That does not let go.

Everything is by grace
Every birth
Every death
Everything is by grace.


More poems from "Siggy's Poetry CD"