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Siggy's poems are fearlessly honest accounts of the trials and delights of every day life.  From walking trips along favorite rivers to domestic scenes (tranquil and otherwise), Siggy isn't afraid to roll out his own foibles for all to see.  His voice is a breath of clean fun in a poetic scene far too often populated by pretensions or lofty philosophizing.  Most of all, his images ring true!  Each of us can relate to these finely crafted moments of art.

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A Bit About Me, and Some Testimonials

Siggy began his writing in journals more than forty years ago, "to have somewhere to safely go."  This expression became a passion, and the journal writings the genesis of many of his poems.  As he grew, his writing also grew, to accenting the positive.  He writes about everyday life, the small, easily overlooked moments, the beauty and wonder of the commonplace.  "I simply pay attention," Siggy says, "to what is going on within me and around me."  He reminds us that "life is in the details."

He has a special gift for humor -- transforming the frustrations and absurdities of day-to-day life into hilarious "rants"; his "funny stuff" read at local Coffeehouses and arts gatherings entertains the listeners, providing a welcome counterpoint to the sometimes dark, inscrutable atmosphere of poetry.  His writing (and reading) is clear, on point, and accessible by all, often including those who admit to him afterwards, "I don't like poetry, but...!"

Siggy's publications since 1976 include numerous local, regional and college publications and magazines, and most recently, online poetry collections.  Publishing a spoken-word CD was a natural choice for him; with his strong, unique voice and his impassioned reading style, it is difficult to separate the poem from the poet.
L.R., fellow writer & poet


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        My friend Siggy pays attention.  In a world that is not without trouble, is not always fair, and in dark times may not be kind, Siggy has paid attention to joy, to faith, to laughter, love, and hope.  Siggy's poetry simply and powerfully conveys the heart of a man who sees deeply into the truth of many things.
        His poems, like the wonderful chicken soup he makes, are full of savory surprises. The adventure may begin on a country road at the end of the day, or with a pickle eaten sleepily in bed, or maybe shared with a toad sequestered under the bathtub.  They are poems about raising children, large dogs, and plants, summer blackberry season, the deep love between husband and wife, and music, always the music that is a vital part of Siggy's unique spirit.
        Siggy's poems have their beginnings in the journals he has been writing for most of his life.  Many of them he shares aloud (to accolades of giggles and applause) at coffeehouse or at the writer's group, Inklings, that he and his wife have founded.
        When Siggy reads his poetry, his audience, with delight, pays attention.
Eydie L. Wight, a fellow poet

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