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Plug In Jack 1

                                 I PODS AND OTHER TECHNOLOGY

                           "Download your favorite TV program
                            On your I Pod," the commercial implored.
                            Tell me?  Why would I want to do that?
                            I do not care how good the technology is.
                            Or how clear that 4 square inch screen is.
                            After all, it is only 4 square inches.
                            I have to squint to view the screen.
                            And another thing:
                            Who is going to stand
                            In one spot
                            For sixty minutes
                            Holding their I Pod motionless
                            Viewing their favorite episodes
                            Of "Sex and the City"
                            Or whatever?

                            Sure you can watch your favorite music video.
                            I have the same problem.
                            Who wants to hold it still
                            For three and a half minutes?
                            I do not care how crisp the clarity
                            Of the screen is.
                            How can you possibly make out
                            The minute figures in it?

                            Of course, you need headphones
                            Aren't you risking hearing loss
                            If you "pump" the volume high enough
                            And long enough?

                            I prefer watching my TV programs
                            And music videos
                            On my 28 inch TV screen--
                            374 square inches NOT 4.

                            Yes, now you can
                            Connect your I Pod
                            To an electronic component with speakers.
                            In the confines of your home.
                            Excuse me,
                            Wasn't that what
                            We used to call a stereo?
                            I prefer listening to my two feet high Bose speakers.

                            And the commercials are bragging
                            How much smaller and thinner
                            They are making I Pods (and other MP3’s)
                            (and cellular phones).

                            Now I even saw an ad
                            In a magazine
                            Boasting how
                            Your cellular can possess
                            Gazillions of memory
                            And still fit in the palm
                            Of your hand

                            The keys on the keyboard
                            Would be so tiny
                            How could you possibly use it?

                            Yah, I know there will always be someone
                            Who will buy the latest gadget
                            No matter how impractical the “play toy” is.

                            All I can do is shake my head.

                            Am I the only person who thinks
                            This use of technology
                            Is ridiculous?

                            Let me know?