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...A few more poems from "You Just Gotta Laugh..."


This morning I grabbed my "watering can",
An empty detergent bottle
Near the washer and drier
Then watered my two wandering Jew plants nearby--
One eighteen inches off the floor
And the other above me
Totally oblivious
Something was wrong here.

But when I watered my monster ivy plant
Which has taken over most of the large backroom window
I noticed detergent was pouring out of my plastic container.

Oh my God
I am going to kill this plant
(to say nothing of the two wandering Jew plants
that weren't doing good anyway)
They never do well when brought
In the house after the summer is over.



Frantically and desperately
I tipped over the gigantic pot.
It took superman powers.
The pot weighed over fifty pounds!
And dumped as much as the
Gooey, thick liquid
I could on the wooden floor.

I then poured water
On all three plants
Trying to flush out
The detergent
Creating a large rectangular pool of water
Five foot by a foot and half

And it took more than
An hour
To first mop up the detergent,
Then rinse the floor with water
And then dry it
Which really was impossible
To do completely.

By now, I was absolutely fuming
I planned to tell my “other” off
When she got up

When she got up,
I immediately, loudly lit into her,
"Why did you place your detergent 
On the floor?  Don't you know I keep my
'Watering can' also on the floor?  You booby trapped me!"
I quickly explained to her
What had happened.

It was my turn to be embarrassed:
She replied,
"You placed the detergent there
When you bought it last week.”

“You are careless!”
I bristled being called that
For the umpteenth time.

I did note the detergent
I watered my plants with
Had no dye or perfume in it.

Maybe my plants will still survive
This unfortunate bath.

I swore for now on
I would keep my watering can
In the exact spot on the floor every time.

I created a big mess.
I hate cleaning.
I do like keeping my plants alive.

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The Flower


It is important
I name you.
Of all the names
This one is yours.


I study
Your color,
Shape, and
Unique petals,
And wonder
At your place
In the universe.

I marvel
At everything
About you:
Your everchanging
Sunlit leaves,
The bumblebee,
Butterfly, and
Who briefly
Make you home.

Your name sets
In motion.