"Siggy's Poetry CD"
Each poem is on its own track; there are 48 tracks in all -- 47 poems plus the INTRO.
Siggy's Poetry CD is $15 (which includes shipping).
If you are interested in buying the CD, email me at

Titles of poems in Siggy's Poetry CD

   1.  INTRO
   2.  Wonder
   3.  And Where Will the Next Toad Live?
   4.  Another World Existed On the Other Side
   5.  The Clothes Closet
   6.  The Operator
   7.  I Have Been Given A Second Chance
   8.  Only Tears
   9.  My Underwear & Hell
  10.  Where Was I?
  11.  Abandon
  12.  He Wanted To Watch the Rain
  13.  Regret
  14.  Just A Step Away From Adventure
  15.  Mercy
  16.  The Mistake
  17.  The Gully
  18.  The Day My Coat Caught On Fire at
  19.  Wild & Untamed
  20.  Camping With My Wife
  21.  One Screw
  22.  They Are Coming To Get Me
  23.  Dirt
  24.  There Are Elves In This House
  25.  I Wish You…
  26.  The Flower
  27.  All I Wanted To Do Was Build Sand Castles

  28.  The Bugs
  29.  All I Could Do Was
         Keep Walking

  30.  The Forest
  31.  Life Is Full Of Drizzly
  32.  A Tribute To Mom
         (My Mom's Garden)
  33.  I Never Would Have
  34.  Stalking the Tadpole
  35.  The Missing Link
  36.  Depression
  37.  My Midnight Snacks
  38.  In A Moment
  39.  Only Some Make It
  40.  Neat Is Ugly
  41.  Divorce
  42.  The River
  43.  My Father Pretends
         She Is Driving
  44.  A Prayer From A
         Child Of A Holocaust
  45.  My Rendezvous With
  46.  I Wanted To Freeze
         the Moment
  47.  FAITH
  48.  Everything Is By