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Welcome Sunset

     Welcome to my web site.  I want each person who visits to feel at home.  Join me at my table, sip on your cup of coffee (or whatever your beverage might be) and let us have a conversation.  It does not matter how long you have been writing.  Each writer has struggles.  Maybe we can learn from each other.  I want to encourage new and established writers in their struggle to create, and include pertinent resources & links.  I will also share my writings with others here, my poetry as well as my prose.
Writing is a lonely profession.  In my own life usually there was at least one person who encouraged me to keep on writing.  Maybe, I can be that one person for you at this web site.  Writers' egos are very fragile and I do not know how many budding writers were destroyed because there was no one out there to encourage them.  And the criticism was too hard to take.  Maybe I can give you that little nudge to keep you going.  I certainly will try.

     Also, here you will find my Poetry CD, with a title list and clips; some of my poems are printed out in full as well.

     I want others to understand writing is as natural as breathing:  we all have material to draw upon.  A valuable essay I wrote of journal keeping is included, based on over forty years of keeping journals.  I have included a bibliography I created of resources for writers.  All of these books have inspired me at one time or another.  May some of them do the same for you.

     I write for it still matters.  Wondrous things in the ordinary occur every day and I record some of those things in the journals I have kept for over forty years.  I just pay attention.  That is all I do.  My poetry usually is generated from my entries.  I stop to listen.  It is as simple as that.

     In my writing, my goal is always to be genuine and transparent.  I realized many years ago that was the only way I can be good as a writer.  I believe in simplicity and clarity.   I can transform the frustration and absurdities of day-to-day life into 'hilarious rants' (my wife's words).  I found out I like making people laugh at readings.  I throw in serious poems to keep the audience guessing. You can find this out first hand by listening to the CD I made of my poetry -- just click on the titles on the CD page.

     P.S.  Often people come up to me after readings I have given and admit, "I don't like poetry but..." !!!

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