If You Want To Write

First consider writing is
Not simply confining yourself
To your room and your keyboard.
It would only be a matter of time
Before your ideas petered out.

Writing is allowing
Empty spaces in your life,
The permission to, sometimes,
Do nothing.

Your subconscious is amazing.
You can feed your mind a suggestion,
Give it a task to solve.

It will rearrange your ideas, thoughts,
Often in a way you do not expect,
Even solve problems creatively.

Your mind never stops working
Even when your attention
Is somewhere else.

When you are ready
To write a piece,
It will let you know.

Then you have
To find the time
To record your ideas.

Otherwise they will fizzle out,
Lose their power.

All this takes time.
In a society
That values only action
Doing nothing is frowned upon.

Every person has a need to withdraw,
Take a vacation
Even a mini vacation
Every day.

Writing demands this.
Often a walk will
Accomplish this
Or just diverting yourself
In a good book
Or movie.
It does not matter
What it is.

The word rejuvenate comes from the
Latin, "to make young again",
To become fresh or new again.

One basic way is
To make sure you eat
And sleep properly

At times your life
Can become "crazy".

The important thing is
To slow down again,
Consider what is truly important.

The need to reflect is never ending.
To do so, Gandhi again and again
Sat at his spinning wheel for hours.

With balance and order in your life,
You never will run out of ideas.