I Celebrate Your Hundredth Birthday Today, Dad
When I was a child,
You introduced and brought me
To the mountains, rivers and lakes
I now love.

My thirst for knowledge
Has run unabated.

You always had books
And magazines
In our house.
My grades were
Always important.
You encouraged me
To go to the library.

You taught me the value
A dollar
And hard work:
For years
I got up
Before dawn
To deliver papers.

You never understood
Why I played tennis
For my School

But you did
Not stop me
From practicing.

I believe
You understood
The fire
Inside me
That drove me
To wear down
My opponents.

I knew my unrelenting
For the truth
Came from you.

You were so honest
And direct
Even when
It cost you.

You were always
To Mom.

My son and daughter,
My legacy
Is also
Your legacy.

And the list
Is so incomplete.

Your face
Me everywhere.

Thank you.

You are
I turn.