I could not believe how big the River crayfish were at McKee Falls. I had decided to go to the bank of the Falls and explore. I saw what I thought could have been killdeer in the distance. Suddenly I looked down at my feet and I noticed at least three gigantic crayfish scurrying on the rocks back into the River. They all were at least four inches from head to tail. It was only minutes from dawn and they are nocturnal creatures. To me, it was a big discovery. I was not even thinking about them. I never did make a positive identification of the birds that were hugging the shore in the distance.

The seven wild turkeys were crossing the road. They just looked at me and I at them. I could not believe it. I stopped my car for ten seconds and just stared. For a short time they were joined by one deer on the left who quickly vanished. Each turkey seemed gigantic, maybe five foot from the tip of their toe to the top of their head. I really was not sure how many were there. My mouth was wide open. Finally I drove off and they all disappeared. It would be a sight I would not forget for awhile. I was totally amazed. The turkeys showed no fear.