Every Marriage Is Flawed

Author: siggy

Every marriage is flawed and it does me no good to point out my wife’s flaws to her.  I just forgive her and go on from there.  We are all imperfect (and sin).

There is no way to get around that.  I have to admit I balked at the statement I read in a book where it says it does no good to criticize anyone:  it just lessens our ability to love that person.

I know I often criticize my partner even if it is only self talk.  Somehow I need to forgive her for not matching up every day.  I certainly don’t.  So why should I expect her to not make any mistakes?  I err every day.

Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath is good advice from the Bible.  Give each other a clean slate and forgive each other at the end of each day.

Bitterness can form an almost impenetrable wedge between you and your mate.  So recognize that both of you are flawed and forgive each other at the end of the day.  Every marriage is flawed.

I was thrilled when one of my neighbors said two bald eagles have a nest only three miles away on the mountain across the River.  He said that a man with a telescope keeps an eye on them and also sometimes they can be seen soaring over the valley.  Now I am going to see if I can spot them with my binoculars.  I can’t wait to see if I have any luck.  I have only seen bald eagles a few times in this area.  Now I will have my eyes open viewing the sky every time I go in that area.

A Few Discoveries Today

Author: siggy

I made a few discoveries today.  When I drove to the post office and passed the meadow nearby I spotted two male red winged blackbirds dive bombing each other.  I am not sure what they were doing except they may have been fighting for their own territory.

To see two at one time was a real treat and so close to home.  Then when I was driving to Newport along the Juniata River I saw what appeared to be a blue heron perched on a branch on this side of the river.

Later in the distance at the mouth of a tributary a great egret was wading in the water.  I also used to see a blue heron always in the same pond, same spot.

I realized last winter something was wrong when it was still in the same spot after the pond froze over.  To my chagrin I was looking at a statue of one all along.

Those were a few of my bird discoveries today.  A turkey vulture reluctantly left the road and his prey when I came across it.  I watched it fly away slowly.  I never know what bird I will see and always have my eyes open for the next discovery.

Sex gives you a chance to do it all over again. Your childhood, your upbringing, your faults, your parents’ hangups all is revealed in the sexual relationship you engage in.

A committed extended relationship gives you another chance to work through your make-up, your psychological, deep rooted difficulties.

Nothing is hidden in sex. You may think so but it is not. I like a line from a Tim Buckley song, “In secret divorce they will never survive” from the song “Goodbye and Hello.”

Everything is revealed in sex. You may not be aware of it but it is. And your partner has their own separate set of problems. And somehow you need to work it out. Sex is the playground. And some relationships do not make it (and dissolve).

Sex exposes deep seeded difficulties when you raise kids where your childhood and upbringing is revealed. Every family is dysfunctional. We are all imperfect and flawed. Sex reveals this in a way that almost nothing else does.

Flesh to flesh nothing is hidden. It is just a question if you are willing to face your hangups and those of your partner. Not every one is willing to work through this.

God does not owe me anything. Life is not always fair. I do what is in my power to do and the results then are out of my hands. I rest then.

Some people have more. And some less. Coveting is a sin for a reason. I am happy with what I have. Sometimes I have more, other times less.

One can make up his mind to be satisfied. Everything is by grace. And your life is, also, by grace. There is life and there is death. And that is reality.

Enjoy fully the bounty given to you. All God promises you is shelter and food. Every thing beyond that is only by His grace.

I am aware God does not owe me any thing. And face my day with a spirit of gratefulness. And rest. There really is no other way.

Writing is foremost communication. You may be writing to an invisible audience. And you may not even be aware of your audience but it is there.

Writing is one type of communication. It is not publishing although you may seek that but never lose sight of the fact you are “reaching out” to someone.

Yes, it is a feather in your cap when someone wants to publish something you have written. Never lose sight you have to write and it may be in your case a major way you communicate with others.

The more personal you can be the more others can relate to your struggles. Your writing can’t, simply, be generic. Everyone has struggles and others are interested in yours whether you choose to write fiction or non-fiction. It always has to ring true.

As far as I am concerned fiction is non-fiction disguised. It may not be autobiographical but nevertheless the writer has to delve deeply in their own psyche for their writing to be authentic. And it is always communication. No matter who the audience is. You always have one.

My three dogs were laying at my feet and I realized how much I loved them and they were only on loan (the fourth one was in the next room). I loved each dog and each one I had a special relationship with.

Coco, the black long haired mutt, the offspring of Pax and Sweetie, was lovely. She had the personality of her mother, a golden retriever: She just loved you and asked nothing in return.

Sweetie, her mother, often spent hours chained in the previous owner’s house. She, sometimes, demanded affection, having been deprived of it in her first year of her life. She was one happy-go-lucky dog.

Tilla, the second offspring of Sweetie, was perhaps the most intelligent and athletic dog I have ever known. Often when he is in the office with me he pushes the door shut–a behavior I have never figured out.

I looked at all three dogs who had joined me in the office while I was reading my paper and realized everything is by grace. I did not grow up with pets but here I am with four dogs and seven cats all of whom I love dearly.

Everything is by grace. And God gives you first, second, third, sometimes fourth chances, etc., to do it all over again.

I took the back country road to see what I could flush that early morning. I was not disappointed. I saw a flock of wild turkeys in the distance–maybe an hundred yards away–and they scurried into the woods from the open field where they were feeding.

There must have been about a dozen although I was not able to get an exact count on them. I never know what I will see on that road. Yesterday I flushed eight deer–one flock of six and another two.

It was eight o’clock in the morning today. Yesterday was seven in the morning when I spotted the deer. I always love driving on this road. To me, it is always amazing how wild creatures co-exist with humans. They, though, never lose their wariness.

Lately I have been going to bed really early–usually 8:00PM. The championship starts at 9:00PM. I do not want to tape it for a simple reason: when I get up the next morning, I will be able to find out immediately when I go on line who won. There is something to be said for a live event. If I know who won, I lose interest in watching the recorded game. There is no more suspense.

I resisted the temptation to bolt. It was seventy-seven degrees outside–a touch of summer. I thought I’d go out and drive to the River. I then decided rather to walk around my property to see what I could observe.

The little creek in the back was almost dry. I really do not know where our toads that appear at our front door come from. Where do the polliwogs swim?

I noticed a patch of yellow and white daffodils in the middle of the woods. The white ones were a larger variety. Whatever possessed someone to plant them there.

I turned over an ten by six inch long moss covered log hoping to spot a salamander but no luck. Twice over the years we discovered four inch long orange colored salamanders in the yard.  I know so little about them.

I noted two white hyacinths were blooming and I dropped to the ground to smell them. I had always loved their fragrance.

The raspberry and blackberry bushes were just starting to sprout. It will still be awhile until the white flowers come.  And even longer before I pick the berries.

Then Lynelle will bake scrumptious berry pies that simply got gobbled up almost as fast as they are baked.

I wondered whether the Black eyed Susans which my wife planted along our hundred foot long picket fence will come up.  I thought they would look neat there.  It remain to be seen.

Every thing in its own time.  I returned to our house.  I will go out again but will not travel by car anywhere and see again what I could observe in my own backyard.

There are two ways to face your life: either with fear or courage. Yes, there are evil forces out there and if you give in to fear and paranoia, you become paralyzed.

You have so much in your control. Exert what is in your personal sphere. Change what you can and live as if you can make a difference. And you can. And will.

Act as if you can change the world and that tiny mustard seed you possess will grow mighty and conquer armies. Every movement started with one person.

Never give up the power of one. You can move mountains if you believe what you can do is important. Don’t lose yourself in power but believe you make a difference in other people’s lives.

If you view the powers out there, you may get discouraged. Do the small things the Lord is prompting you to do. Kindness and humility can melt icy exteriors.

Always start at home. Love your family and those around you. You may never know how someone you encouraged will move a mountain. Love always starts at home.

I have to thank the Lord for every day, every dusk that comes my way, every dawn. Each day is a gift and we are meant to enjoy each one afforded to us.

No one knows how many days they will have. Sometimes the ending comes abruptly and when you least expected it and other timesit come slowly. There is no easy path to death.

When I learned that a kidney transplant is considered a treatment, not a cure and the life expectancy after that is maybe a dozen years, death became a reality.

I have to learn to face each day expectantly and with wonder. After all, it is a gift and meant to be enjoyed.

I can’t live my life in fear. Somehow I have to banish the fear of death and learn to live each day with gratitude. There is no other way, that makes sense anyway.