My wife and I had a big fight one Sunday morning.  The tension was so thick that the dogs (three) could not stand to be in our house and we let them out.  Awhile later when things calmed down a bit and the dogs wanted to come back in the house. When Tilla approached the house, he turned on his back, tale wagging furiously:  he wanted his bellied rubbed before he came back in the house.  Then five feet closer he did the same thing, turned on his back, tale wagging furiously, again.  I obeyed him and rubbed his belly again.  He made me laugh and laugh with his behavior.  I then realized he wanted me to “lighten up”.  And this was his way of doing that.  He likes to make me laugh.

I never forgot one visit by the couple who lived in NYC. I wanted to show them the the Susquehanna River at night. To get to our vantage point we had to pass under a railroad trestle and it was a little bit muddy. She refused to go there because she might get her shoes a little bit dirty. All I could do was shake my head. Thus she missed seeing how beautiful the river looked at night.

Tilla is so unpredictable. Two nights ago he would not come into my bedroom after I called his name repeatedly and not until my wife came in to bed. Yesterday I went to bed and my dog immediately followed me to my bedroom and fell asleep at the foot of my bed. I did not say one word to him or call his name once. My favorite dog is so unpredictable. I never know what he is going to do next.

Our three dogs must have been really hungry. I only fill the dogs’ bowls once a day in the morning. When I went to the vet with Coco, she had lost over seven pounds. She was getting really chunky so that was a good thing. I went away for a week. My wife was not paying attention and left an open almost full bag of cat food in the kitchen. I usually store cat food in the garage. Then she noticed the dogs had a “picnic” and must have been really hungry. Half of it was gone.

This morning while we were waiting for my friend’s wife to finish her medical appointments we were in search of the perfect eclair.  Chuck had four addresses of bakeries and a map of New Orleans to guide him.  He has lived here almost a decade and had not found a bakery that makes a really good eclair.  The ones found in the supermarkets were always inferior so we were in search of the perfect eclair.  We found three bakeries and bought their eclairs plus one Neapolitan.  I told one clerk that we were going to critique her eclairs.  She just laughed and said, “Go right ahead.”  Tonight the eclairs will be our deserts.  We will split them three ways and then make our judgments.

The squirrel found a way to outwit me. I have a “squirrel proof” bird feeder now damaged after squirrels managed at least twice to dump it on the ground. Finally I hung it attached by wire at the top of a nail. It was partially exposed to the elements and I was concerned when it rained moisture would get into the feeder and the sunflower seed would mold. A squirrel was on it this morning totally extended from the top eagerly feeding through the hole. If he put his whole weight on the rest of the feeder, the carriage would go down and shut the openings and he could no longer get at the birdseed. I realized that was the only way he could outwit me and my squirrel proof feeder was no longer squirrel proof. Outwitted by a squirrel. How disgusting.

Tilla, my favorite dog, likes to make me laugh. Just the other day he was lying on his back vigorously wagging his tail. I just had to laugh. That must have been his intention. I am convinced he has a sense of humor and likes to make me laugh.

My wife was ready to put back the curtains on our large living room window. One curtain rod was missing. Both my wife and I looked up and down the room where we might have laid it. No luck. Then one evening I spotted it. It was resting on the frame of the window in plain sight. We both laughed. Sometimes you can get “blind” spots. You don’t see something because it is not where you expect it to be.

One of my cats has adopted me. Just recently. We “meow” to each other and then he cozies up to me. China is his name–one exotically black and white marked cat. I never expected anything like this to happen. It happened when I started “meowing” back to him. I have no idea what I am saying but whatever it is he likes to snuggle up to me when we have a conversation. I never was cat person but recently I have become one. Each cat is different. Now only Cheyenne regards me warily. Of the seven cats we have, I had to catch him twice recently to take him to the vet. Cats do not forget.

Cool Hand Luke loves running past open doors and she has been deprived of late. She dashed downstairs and minutes later she returned and ran through the door. Again. (or through the door again) She is the only pet left from the three I had when I entered my marriage over ten years ago. She loved running through open doors. Open one she will dash through it and open the door a little later she will return running at top speed. She is a black female who does not get along with our other six cats too well although she is more aggressive than the others when it comes to eating from one of the two bowls we use to feed our seven cats especially if we had not put food out in awhile.

Coco immediately found the chocolate bar.  It was a Hershey bar that my wife put down briefly on the table after tearing it open and taking a bite.  She was not paying attention.  She heard a rustling of paper.  One of my dogs Coco was slowly making her way through the medium sized bar.  She thought no one would notice but the crinkling of the wrapper gave her away.  My wife took the chocolate away from the dog and I put the remains on top of the refrigerator.  There was no way she was going to eat the chocolate after Coco nibbled it.  I was not that particular.

One of our dogs was in real trouble.  My wife had baked five loaves of pumpkin bread and lined them up on the counter.  And left them there alone for awhile.  She came back later and one of the larger loaves had the whole top of it missing — just bitten off.  She then had a Mom to Dog talk with three of our dogs.  We could not blame Pax:  he is not capable of reaching any.  He is just too old and arthritic.  We did not think “Sweetie” did it.  But we definitely suspected our two black dogs.  She spoke sternly to both of them.  They did not look too guilty.  Tilla definitely had been spotted several times in the past his hind legs stretching tongue extended to reach any crumb he could find on the counter.  More than once.  And we would not put it past our female Coco.  She certainly was capable of this dastardly act, too.  This happened yesterday and today I walked Tilla and he let loose with a big soft poop.  That made him a strong suspect for that bread had plenty of butter in it.  I am sure he has forgotten about that incident hours ago.