Today is the last day in October and still no frost.  I can’t ever remember that.  Our petunias still have flowers although they are looking a little frayed at the edges.  It is supposed to be a colder than average (according to the Farmer’s Almanac) this winter.  Most of September has been sixties and low seventies.  The fall is almost six weeks in and the weather has been outright balmy so we will see.

Can you get past your first honeymoon? We have been married seven years and I wonder about that. By now I have heard the same “stories” as she has about me.

How do you get past your daily frustrations with one another? By now the “glow” has worn off. We have seen the worse as well as the best in each other. It is too easy to focus on the negative we see each day.

It takes an extra effort to remind each other what you originally saw in each other. It is too easy to inform each other this and that you are doing wrong.

How do you get beyond the flaws of each other? Maybe, if we can become Christ-like and remind yourself of His unconditional love, we can love our mate despite all his/her flaws.

Do we have any doubt that we err each day and are much flawed. I don’t. Perhaps, if we can consider this when our mate messes up and become more compassionate toward the other.  This is something to keep in mind.

Anonymity Is A Gift

Author: siggy

Anonymity is a gift. Some have the illusion fame is what they want. And there are those who get it. And find out they can no longer do things normal people can like go to a restaurant or a shopping mall without being “harassed” by the public. This refers to famous actors and actresses as well as other well known performers.

Being able to invisibly blend in public is a gift. Everyone wants to be recognized for something they do but not at the cost of losing their anonymity. And you don’t know how valuable that is till you lose it. So think twice when you ask for fame. You may get it and wish you hadn’t because you are no longer able to lead a normal life. The public (and other admirers) won’t permit you to.

All of a sudden I did not want to spend much time inside. I stepped out side and it was warm and sunny and not even an hint of a breeze. I was refilling my bird feeder with sunflower seed.

It was a perfect Autumn day. I told Lynelle about it and urged her to go out. I wanted to do whatever I had to do inside and quickly to experience this beautiful day. I don’t know how many of these “gifts” would come along. I was not taking anything for granted.

Sometimes produce reminds us of the temporal nature of things. I bought Winesap apples recently. It is one of my favorite apples. It is not here too long–a few weeks if that long at all.

I love Seckel pears but the season is done for them. They are little but very tasty pears. I managed to buy them twice. Now I have to wait til next year.

I bought at my favorite produce store Bartlett pears several times last year. They were unlike those you can’t get in the big supermarkets. They were tree ripened and were absolutely delicious. This year I managed to miss them.

There are so many things in life here today gone tomorrow. And you have to appreciate them when they are here. Produce reminded me of that. There are seasons for each one. And they are all different.

I came running.  My wife was yelling at the “pups” to drop something.  She saw a white throated nuthatch bounce off the big living room window and immediately investigated.

The dogs did the same.  She made one drop the bird it had in its mouth.  Luckily, the dog was part retriever and did not hurt the bird.  I grabbed it gently and placed it on our Honda out of reach of the dogs.

The bird was alert and moved a little but did not fly away.  It must have been traumatized first by bashing its head again the pane of glass and then by being handled by the dog.

I looked at it closely.  It was a beautiful bird that I usually only see at a distance.  I was thrilled when it finally collected its senses and flew away.  It did not seem to be fatally injured.

I had to remind myself of all my bounty.  I was taking a shower and reflected it was not that long ago I lived fifteen years in a house without a shower so I should appreciate this house more.  And not take it for granted.

It is so easy to slip and forget all we need to thank God for.  That was just one small example.  And there are many more.  We are able to pay our bills on time.

We could feed the birds and watch a steady parade of them come to our feeders.  We have hot water when we want it.  Much of the world do not have basics that we have like plumbing.

I have to remind myself again and again to thank God for all His gifts including my wife.  Good medical care, health insurance.  And the list goes on.

It was a perfect Autumn day.  I checked the mail in town.  I realized I had too many layers of clothing on.  I took off my turtleneck when I got home.  The temperature must have been nearing seventy degrees.  There was a dull roar in the background, the leaves were blowing.  It was a perfect day to fly a kite.

It was cold, wet and damp. To think fall was only a few weeks in and winter was next was down right depressing. I wish I could hibernate. Somehow I have to bear it (please excuse my unintentional pun). But that does not make it any easier. I will stay in, hopefully run my coal stove when the really cold weather arrives. I have had a full bin of coal that has been sitting there in back of the house for over two years. The only reason the stove has not been used there are too many boxes in that room but this year I am going to move them so I can finally light the stove. And reduce my electric bill. They are calling for colder weather than usual, so I have an incentive to move those boxes.

Along the way I became old. It did not feel that way. I felt the same way inside but I looked at models and realized how young they were and realized I was considerably older.

Life was really a gift. I would occasionally peruse the obituaries and note there were many who had died were my age or younger. That did not change anything.

Sometimes I would become depressed. Everyone knows they will die but act as if they will cheat death or it will not come to them one day.

Death and taxes. Is that all I have to look forward to? How depressing?!

When you die, someone has to pick up some of the threads you left behind. It may be a project you started, a committee you are on, some ideas you have. It may be whatever.

How boring it would be if you did everything you wanted to do in your life. There would be no reason to continue.

Someone is always taking some one’s ideas and taking it a little further in this direction or that. We always leave this earth with unfinished business. And the time we have here is a gift.