It slipped into summer while I was gone.  I went camping for three nights.  And then came home.  Now I had to put on shorts and tee shirts.  Someone threw a switch and it was summer when I came back.  The temperatures were high eighties and it had become muggy.  It was still a few weeks before the official advent of summer but don’t tell the weather.  It acted as if it was summer already.  And I had to dress accordingly.

Thank God for things that have to be done every day.  It is so easy to become depressed but there are tasks that have to be done:  your pets have to be fed and let out, the dishwasher has to be emptied (or filled), bills have to be paid, meals made and grocery trips and so forth.  And of course that is an incomplete list.  There is no getting around those things.  Focusing on the present forces you out of yourself.  And that is a good thing.  It is too easy to magnify our problems.  We can’t escape our self but after all is done maybe your problems shrink a little and are more manageable so thank God for all our routines.  They don’t go away but maybe you can face them better after you are done.  It is a good thing to forget our current difficulties even if it is only temporarily.

‘You add something to my life,’ she said recently.  It came out of the blue.  I wish she would say nice things more often.  Too many times she “jumps” on me for something I did not do or did incorrectly.  It is so easy to criticize a mate.  I am as guilty as her in this regard.

What if for everything I did wrong she said something positive towards me.  I could strive to do the same.  Gratitude is a two way street.  It is so easy to focus on the negative.  I have been as guilty as any one else.

Praise always has to be genuine to be effective.  Others wilt in the face of too much criticism.  And I need to work on this as much as my Other.

Now I am doing the wash.  She spotted a gigantic spider near the washing machine and alerted me.  It was on the side wall and I tried to trap it and cover it with a large ash tray so I could safely release outside but it evaded my capture.

It had a large head and feet that must have been two inches long.  I don’t like spiders myself but I was running out of underwear and pants so someone had to do the wash.  Every time I went in the vicinity I would look for it.

No luck.  I am sure it liked the dust that collected around there.  And I certainly was not going to try to flush it out.  It was up to me to do the wash.  My wife was not going anywhere near there.