All of a sudden I felt old.  I was at an open mike of a coffeehouse.  A performer did a song of Bob Dylan’s.  I no longer remember the title but someone went up to the performer and told him it was great you were doing Dylan’s material and his material was not forgotten.  Suddenly I realized the song he did was fifty years old.  Dylan wrote one great song after another during that period.  The songs were a rallying point for the sixties civil (???) movement.  Maybe they will be discovered anew if the climate of our nation changes.  Those sixties songs captured a generation. And are there for subsequent generations to discover.

Winter kind of snuck up on me.  Before I knew it it was December 21.  When spring is six weeks away, I will start my countdown to it.  Now I will ignore the winter and just endure the low temperatures and bad weather.

I am just going to stay put.  It is snowing.  I took a short trip to the local supermarket, picked up a few items.  It was snowing hard at that point.  I will wait out this storm, which probably (???) not amount to much–maybe six inches if that much and then shovel out our two cars.  Sometimes storms are fun.  I will make the best of it.  I am not going anywhere.

You can’t have a true education without following your heart.  It does not matter how you do it:  reading, fixing things whatever it is.  Your heart vibrates when you listen to that tiny voice.  Sure there are things in life you have to do even if you do not like the task but there has to be things you love doing.  Otherwise you wither inside, die a little each day.  So find what that little voice is asking you to do.  You can change the world by doing the things only you can do.  Each person is unique and has things only they can do.  And of course there will be resistance.  You have to work through that.  Only you know what is stirring in your heart.  The world will be a better place after you leave it.  Explore the portion that is yours to mine.  So answer your calling.

I read a Christian organization was sending ten golden retrievers to the Connecticut school where twenty children were gunned down.  The dogs will love the children and comfort them in a way humans couldn’t.  I know.  I have a golden retriever.  They are extreme tactile.  They love to be touched and hugged.  What a wonderful idea–to send those dogs to that school.

My dog Tilla gives great hugs.  He is one of four but he is the only dog that does this.  I will be sitting in my chair and he will lay his upper body on my lap.  He is all of seventy plus pounds but he does not hurt me when he does that.  He just wants to give me a hug.  And that is his way of doing so.

It is always about the music.  Whenever I loved a group I went deep in their albums.  I never collected just to collect.  Although sometimes the first album of a group or artist I bought was excellent and subsequent albums never matched up.  I do read music reviews.  My collection is out of control since I married my second wife.  She “discovered” E Bay and went a little crazy for awhile.  Now there is music in my house I am not familiar with or have no interest in.  Like when she bought the complete set of Emerson, Lake and Palmer.  I had stopped listening to them after their second album.  I am glad she is no longer doing that. I now do have some music I never thought I would ever see again.  In my first marriage I had to make room to include some music which meant I had to get rid of some of the “deadwood” in my collection.  In my new house I have more room so I can collect more music.  There is always an interesting piece of music I have not heard before.

Of the eight cats I have “Cool Hand Luke” is the only one who comes to me.  She also sleeps nearby.  I brought her into the family when I married my wife over nine years ago.  Some of the other cats tolerate me and others even go into the opposite direction when I approach them so I appreciate her. (Yes, she is a female.)  “Cool Hand Luke” is completely black as were the dog and other cat I brought into the marriage–now both dead.  You never really own a cat.  In fact, they own you.  The dog I owned “Daisy” was really special to me.  It was the first dog I raised from a pup and also the first dog I trained although she was an adult when I did that.  When I was in the living room, she never took her eyes off of me and was one mighty stubborn dog.  Now I have a special relationship with “Tilla” one of my four dogs.  I never thought anyone would replace Daisy but he has.