Thank God For Fatigue

Author: siggy

Thank God for fatigue. It is a signal to your body you need to rest, recuperate. That is what is so bad about being addicted to speed: you override that signal to your body. Do it long enough and your body just deteriorates. If we obey our bodies we do better. Our body is constantly giving us messages. And we do better when we obey those signals.

The obscene profits of the drug and health insurance companies are immoral. Think about it?! They are profiting royally from your illnesses from you being sick. I read a whole book about other countries that have national health insurance and in each case the profits of such companies were limited. We do not do that in this country. There was some attempts to do so when Obama created his bill during his first term but the pockets of these companies are “pretty deep.” and they did everything in their power to eliminate restraints on these profits. It comes down to one thing: “Are we our brothers’ keeper?!”

Thank God For Fatigue

Author: siggy

Thank God for fatigue. It is your body telling you you have to rest. That is a good thing. “Speed” kills you for it overrides that message and given enough time you keep going and eventually your body deteriorates from within. Rest is a period your body recovers. If you consistently don’t sleep enough you don’t feel well for during sleep your body rejuvenates itself so observe the messages your body is telling you. Your body is an incredibly complex piece of machinery.

I Thirst

Author: siggy

I thirst. The drink I had with me for my picnic had spilled out. We ate and all I could think of was to drink some water. Usually when I become thirsty I immediately drink something but this time I did not have any thing to drink. The park did not have any drinking water. Minutes later we stopped at a store and bought a large container of water, which I consumed. I now knew what it meant to be thirsty. That was all I could think about: drinking something. Now I knew what it meant to be thirsty.

Every Day Is A Gift

Author: siggy

Every day is a gift.  And a miracle.  There is no way to get around that but to lead a life of despair.  I chose not to do that.  Every thing in my life is only by grace.  I chose to believe every day is a miracle.  And sometimes I wallow in despair.  And have to work through it.  The dawn is always around the next corner.  In fact, it is right in front of you.  And life can be bitter and contain much loss and pain.  I have to work through it.  And walk toward the Light–the Light that is always there.  And sometimes I stop seeing it.  It is there but my vision is clouded.  I have to remove the blinders over and over.  It is a process.  I chose to believe every day is a miracle.  There is no other way to live.  The only other choice is despair.

Pax the elder of our pack of four dogs is getting old.  Both knees are torn and we started giving him pain meds.  It was just too painful for him to get around.  We were thrilled when we started giving him a second pain pill (in the morning) and he became more active.  No dog lives forever.  He is thirteen — old for a big dog (he must be eighty pounds) now.  His rear muscles have atrophied.  The vet said to make him as comfortable as possible.  He has been around forever.  He is the father of two of our dogs.  He is feisty.  Sometimes he will come into my room just to get one pat on the head and then he leaves.  He is one confident dog.  He literally prances up and down at the end of the day for after the last “out” for all the four dogs he will get some kind of treat.  And he knows that and gets all excited.  Now it is a slice of bread with some peanut butter dabbed on it to hide the pain pill.  He has always loved bread.

It is always better in the light.  I need to get out, rub shoulders with others–even if it is only briefly.  Sleep is coming from the darkness.  It is an abyss.  You have no control of your dreams.  It is almost like death.  My surroundings are too familiar.  Outside it is light (and sometimes hope).  Depression is too easy.  It is always better in the light.

You are your strongest Advocate.  If the person who is treating you, does not take proper care of yourself; you have to speak up and demand you are being taken care of properly.  If this person is a doctor or another provider, and ignores your condition or worst yet does not care, you have to take positive action.

If this person is a doctor that means he/she addresses your biggest concerns.  Sometimes that means being properly referred to the appropriate party.  Sometimes that means the appropriate blood work or tests is being ordered.

You know your body and mind.  You know when something is wrong or a condition is developing that needs addressing.  If your provider consistently lets things go, then you have to consider changing providers.

You are always in the driver’s seat.  Sometimes that means being prepared when you spend time with your provider.  That means you make a list of the issues you want covered.  That person’s time (as well as yours) is valuable.  You want to make the best use of your time with your caretaker.

Again, you are your strongest advocate.  Never forget that.  The provider can not read your mind.  You have to let the person know what is going on.  You are your strongest advocate.

If America Is So Free…

Author: siggy

If America is so free, why do we have the biggest population of prisoners in the world?  That is a good question.  A disproportionate number of prisoners are black and poor.  I guess if you have a good lawyer, you usually do not end up in jail.  Many of the prisoners are in for non-violent crimes–mostly drugs.

Another travesty is there are more mentally ill in our prisons than in hospitals.  And many are not getting proper care.  Also, corporate profits are at a sixty year high.  And their taxes are at a sixty year low.

I just read if you factor inflation in, the minimum wage would be over twenty dollars.  It is not, so where are the profits coming from?  I thought I read that in the US one in five collect food stamps.  All that is not right.  Are we really our brother’s keeper?  Our leaders have a vested interest in keeping our population poor.  Our politicians may be elected by the people but most of them do not answer to the general population.  It is big money that they answer to.

In the words of Fidel Castro’s brother (during a Sean Penn interview), the politicians in America are the ‘ruling class.’  And now the government wants to run the medical profession.  As more and more details come in, instead of the price of medical insurance going down it might double or triple for some people in 2014.  It is enough to really get discouraged with our country.  Our land of the free.

Diet Won’t Do It Alone

Author: siggy

Diet won’t do it alone.  Sure, you have to watch what you eat but diet combined with exercise and then you will lose weight.  When I went to high school, we had gym every day.  No wonder the youth are often overweight.  They might get gym once a week and our nation decries how obesity is a problem for our youth and tries to control it by limiting what the youth can eat in the their (???) cafeterias.  It is a losing battle.  You just have to get more exercise.  Go back to having gym every day five times a week in high school and I guarantee obesity will be less a problem.

I could not understand why my glass of iced tea was so large.  I was eating in a famous Cajun restaurant and every time I took a bite of the gumbo I had to wash it down with some tea.  It was hot to say the least.  Not overwhelmingly but hot.  By the time I finished the gumbo the large glass of iced tea was finished.  Now I know why the glass was so big.

The poor are always among us.  This was a letter I wrote to a friend of mine who was doing surveys for the department of welfare and he said how could we let people live like that:

There is something important you can do about the people you visit and interview.  You can pray for them–each person and their circumstances.  You said, ‘People should not live in such poverty.’  The poor have always been among us.
Pray for each person you meet.  If you have to, make a list of the households and people you meet.  People are poor for different reasons.  Sometimes alcohol or drug abuse is involved.  Sometimes it is mental illness.  Other times it is just plain bad luck.  Someone lost a job, ran out of unemployment or a bad illness was involved and they did not have health insurance or it did not take care of their needs.
There are all kinds of reasons people live in poverty.  Pray for each person, the children or their parents you meet.  Never stop praying.
Everything is by grace.  Praise the Lord for your health, your living quarters, everything.  Everything is by grace.  Continue to pray.  Prayer can move mountains.

Your friend