I Hate Exercise But…

Author: siggy

I hate exercise but… It is a long “but”.  I have to find activities I like doing like walking my dog, playing tennis, shooting hoops (usually alone) and other activities.  I do hate exercise for exercise sake.

I have never been able to do that.  I want to enjoy what I am doing not make it “work”.  And I imagine there are many people like me out there.  Getting in shape is just a byproduct.  So find things out there you like doing.

And if you have to start slowly that is fine.  I am no longer seventeen.  And I recognize my limits although I push myself a little harder each day.  I have to do it slowly.  Figure out what you enjoy doing.  And do it.  And you may be surprised at the results.

Just take your time and do whatever you do regularly.  And you will get into shape.  The human body is meant to be used.  We have become such a sedentary society.  And I am included in that group.  It seemed so much harder after I got out of school to stay in shape.

I thought I was old but it was more than that:  I was old and out of shape.  I spent at least two months slowly working on my conditioning particularly my wind and suddenly I could work for hours and not get tired.  I might have to take a cat nap here or there but that was all it took to continue working.  This discovery thrilled me.  I now developed a new outlook on my life.  To say the least, I was thrilled.  What a discovery to find out my life was not over at sixty two!

‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…’ is the opening lines of the Psalm King David wrote (the twenty-third Psalm).  Know when you are struggling, He will never forsake you.  Humans might, but not The Almighty.

Repeat those lines over and over even when you feel out of control and there is no hope.  Cling to those words until they become saturated in every corner of your being.

Know He will take care of your every need, know He will not forsake you even in your darkest hour.  By all means read the rest of that psalm.  Just know he will fill every need you have and will never forsake you even when others let you down.

We are all imperfect and flawed.  ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.’  If that is all you have, that is all you need.  Never lose sight He cares about every thing you do and say.

He is always at your side.  Never lose sight of that.  And make sure you do not fight your fight alone for others will pick you up when you slip and fall.

So find a body in a church you are comfortable with.  You have to make yourself accountable to others.  It matters.  Another person can pick you up when you fall.  And we all do.  And God works through others.

Do not be afraid of rejection and reach out to others.  You will be blessed beyond measure.  There are always hurting people around you and not every person will respond to you.  Accept that fact.

Reach out to others in small ways.  A person always remembers small kindnesses.  So reach out to others.

You will be rewarded in love far beyond your imagination and your belief.  Never stop reaching out.

This is all I learned and want to pass on.  Never be afraid of your rejections.

Learn to love.  You will never be disappointed.  People always respond to kindness even if it is not acknowledged.  The person noticed even if she/he did not respond to you.  They noticed I guarantee you.

So never stop reaching out to others.  Your love is infinite.

And that which is returned.  Love is the only thing that matters in this world.

It is always there.  So, again, I say reach out to others around you.  You might may even entertain an angel.