Cats are very aware of their surroundings. Put an open box in the room and invariably one will hop in it. If it is big enough, you may find two or three cats in it. Put a new chair in the dining room a cat will, also, jump on top of it. Any physical change in the room the cats become immediately aware of it and have to investigate it and explore it. Put a bag on the floor and one eventually finds it and goes inside it. Cats are always found in the oddest places.

“Tilly, Willy”, as I affectionately call him, and I fall asleep together. Lately he jumps on the bed right next to me as I fall asleep. My eighty pound dog is comforting to be within reach. I stroke him as I fall asleep. My wife who sometimes goes to sleep an half an hour later says he is gone from the bed by then. He is my buddy. I have a special relationship with him–all eighty pounds of him. He is open about his affection toward me: Sometimes he will jump on the bed when I enter our bedroom just to be hugged and hug me. And jump off when I leave the room.

The purchase of five chocolate bars made me feel rich. It was nearing the end of the month and money was tight. I bought some basics like toilet paper, etc. I had enough money left for five chocolate bars. I had everything I needed till next month. This final purchase made me feel rich. Wealth is all relative.

What Is Creativity?!

Author: siggy

What is creativity?! If you are a composer, it is putting together the notes in a fresh way. If you are a musician, it is not simply playing the notes by rote, it is putting your feelings in it. If you are a writer, your composition feels fresh: it has cohesion. These are only a few quick observations what someone else’s creativity feels like.

‘It is contagious’: Tolstoy’s definition. You should have no doubt what the piece was about: anger, sorrow, grief, joy, etc. These feeling are conveyed instantly upon hearing the piece, viewing a picture, reading the piece whatever vehicle the person chose. Of course, these observations are not exhaustive by any means. This is just a quick sampling.

It was as if someone hit a switch: summer was over and fall came. Summer has only a few days left officially. The warmer temperatures were gone and fall arrived. For that matter, August was not that warm. Now we can watch the fiery display of the leaves turning as we do each autumn.

I praised the Lord, again. I took a shower and had hot water. To many that may be a small thing but for months our hot water heater kept shutting down. We were able to buy another one and have pay someone to install it. Now we have hot water every time. On demand. I forget all those times we did not have hot water. It went on for months. So, again, I praise the Lord for this luxury. Yes, luxury. Hot water. For that matter, there are literally millions, maybe billions, of people in this world who do not have plumbing. Or even clean water. And I am considered poor in this country. Americans are so spoiled and have no idea how rich the average person in this country is. Compare yourself to the multitudes who do not have plumbing in their house. Or worse yet have no clean water. Americans are so spoiled.

Sometimes depression is totally biochemical. Yesterday I was pretty depressed. I could certainly justify it, find reasons for it. I awoke today and it was like someone hit a switch: I was no longer depressed. It had vanished overnight. Depression is not always psychological. It is sometimes physiological. For some reason you are depressed. It has something to do with your brain chemistry. No more. No less. Time always bears this out.