The last traces of summer gone today. Tomorrow the temperatures drop fifteen degrees and it will return to Fall weather. I will just enjoy today. Every season lingers into the next before the past one is gone for good. The climate here has four seasons but sometime you are not sure which one you are in and have to check the latest forecast to determine how you are going to dress when you go out. Every area of the country is different. I have always lived in a temperate climate so this is the only one I am used to.

It Was A Mini Heat Wave

Author: siggy

It was a mini heat wave: three days in a row of at least eighty degree temperatures. Fall just came officially a few days ago. For a short time it will be summer again. I put on my shorts which I did not think I would wear again until next year. I will just enjoy this weather. I spent the late morning outside waiting for the mail.

It was another gorgeous day. Just perfect. The days of ninety degree weather a memory. The world turns: before we know it the cold weather will come and this pleasant weather will be gone. And then spring. And summer. A constant cycle. But I do not want to rush it.

The latest tiff between my wife and I was when I quickly “ran” into town to put gas into our old Honda and checked the mail. Upon arriving back I got “blasted” by my wife for I did not tell her I was leaving and did not take the letter she was addressing. I was told, “You don’t care about me”. I was just flabbergasted. The truth was I was not thinking about the letter when I drove into the town. And how she made the next “leap” that you do not care about me is beyond me.

I tried to answer the not so small question: What is in my control? I have been grabbling (???) with depression for two months. This morning I tried to stop and ask myself that question.

The answers are not so easily forthcoming. Dialysis is on the horizon. There are financial concerns. And I can’t seem to shake my depression.

There is the trust to help me when I need it. And the inheritance from my aunt down the road. But money and things don’t seem to satisfy me.

It has to go beyond that. The holidays are coming. And that is always a hard time for me but I have to keep asking myself: What is in my control? It is difficult to see that right now.

The Waning Summer

Author: siggy

I put out a fresh supply of sugar water for the hummingbirds fully aware it is probably the last time for 2010.  It is already September 5 and I expect any day the last hummingbird will come and the summer will be over.  It is becoming too cold for them and they have a long journey ahead of them.

I have to face the day as if it mattered (and it will).  That means I do not spend the day in the clothes I slept in.  I dress, shower, shave, and brush my teeth.  Then I figure out what needs to be done the most and work my way down the list.

I do not linger around and bemoan my fate.  There are always things that need to be done.  Some are more important than others.  You can have too much time on your hands.

When you act as if the day truly matters to you, depression will not stay because you are physically moving.  Every day you have choices.

When you pick wisely, you have something to show for your waking hours.  And it all starts in the beginning of your day so act as if it matters and it will.

It was labor day weekend and it was if someone turned a switch.  It felt as if fall had come.  It was 72 degrees in the house and I had to put on a sweater this morning.  For a number of months the temperature of the house had hovered around 80.  Our house retains the heat well.  Suddenly I became aware this season was over.  Summer has less than three weeks to go officially but Autumn had come already.