I was thirteen years old when Kennedy was inaugurated. All I remember was a poet named Robert Frost reading a poem he wrote for the inauguration. He was very feeble looking and read slowly. He died two years later. He was the poet of that generation. He had won four Pulitzers for his poetry. That is the only memory that has stuck in my mind–this old man reading a poem.

Winter Is A Week In

Author: siggy

Winter is a week in. Still no extended freezes. An abnormally warm Fall. That means Spring might come sooner unless we get cold in the early Spring. The countdown has begun (to Spring). I’d hibernate but I don’t have that option.

I never forgot one visit by the couple who lived in NYC. I wanted to show them the the Susquehanna River at night. To get to our vantage point we had to pass under a railroad trestle and it was a little bit muddy. She refused to go there because she might get her shoes a little bit dirty. All I could do was shake my head. Thus she missed seeing how beautiful the river looked at night.

We had a visit by a doe last summer. We spotted her from our kitchen window. I had never seen one in our backyard. Maybe she was attracted by the fruit of the mulberry tree. Several times we spotted the doe around the tract of woods adjacent to our property so I can only surmise it was living there. It was very unusual to see a deer so close to our house. And we saw the doe several times around that tract of land the last few months.