It was the first time since I moved here–twelve years ago–I actually saw a doe come to our backyard. My wife spotted it first and then with an hush called me to the back window. Its ears perked up when the doe heard our voice. It probably was feeding on our mulberries. I ran to get my camera but it was gone by the time I made it back. That was a thrill for both of us seeing a deer in our backyard.

You Can’t Own A Cat

Author: siggy

You can’t own a cat not like a dog who you can win their loyalty. All my cat (all seven) have their own personality. They do not seek your approval. They let you take care of them but they have their own mind. They do not cater to you. They let you take care of you. Of course that is true of dogs too. Animals either like you or don’t. They don’t feign affection. They are more reliable than humans. In fact, some people prefer animals, particularly dogs, (and their are cat people too) to humans. They only know one thing: that is love. They give unconditional love. The animals do not care how many degrees you have or how much money. Each animal accepts you how you are.

It appeared to be petrified lying there at the water’s edge. I finally viewed Lake Heron which was buried in the woods nearby me. It was part of a private camp ground. I had never seen the pond before: the entrance to the camp ground is usually cordoned off. Finally my curiosity got the better of me. It was Sunday and the entrance was open. I drove right up to the water edge. The pond is approximately an acre big. It was odd. At the edge of the water there was a big dead turtle. And what was weird about it, it appeared to be petrified–mummified actually. I had never seen anything like that. It was all dried up. I had never seen anything like that. I did not have the slightest idea how the turtle got that way.

It was the largest turtle I ever saw on the side of the road opposite me as I was taking a trip into town. I stopped my car to check it out. It was almost ten inches long near a brook a foot from the road. It did not have the orange and black markings–the common marking of a box turtle. Its shell was brown. I approached it carefully and examined it from a safe distance. I suspected it was a snapping turtle. And I did not want to get bit. I decided to leave it alone and check on my return trip if it was still in the same spot. It was not. It had disappeared. At home I verified it was a snapping turtle. I had never seen one before. I certainly did not want to mess with it. It was the first snapping turtle I had ever seen. Usually the turtles I see on the side of the road are box turtles.

Coco Likes Her Privacy

Author: siggy

Coco likes her privacy. The other two dogs of mine came in this morning but she stayed out. That is not that unusual. At night she has her spot. Almost every night she will follow me into the bedroom. She consistently withdraws into our bedroom. Sometimes she will go there in the middle of the day–away from the rest of my three dogs and us. As I said, she likes her privacy.

The Local Cottontails

Author: siggy

Yesterday through the slates of my wooden picket fence from my open screen door I saw an animal pass by across the street at least twice. Finally I went out: I thought someone’s dog got loose. I saw a big rabbit near my neighbor driveway chewing on some grass and then approaching me in my direction and finally disappeared into the distant yard. Almost at the same time I saw another cottontail come from my yard, cross the road and also disappear.

A few days ago in town I saw a baby cottontail go through someone’s picket fence and I also noticed an adult rabbit nearby it in the yard. This is the first time I ever saw an baby rabbit and an adult rabbit at the same time. Often the rabbits I see are in town in on some else lawn. I always love watching the antics of cottontails often seen at dusk or dawn. Once in awhile I can see them in my backyard. They probably like hiding in the nearby raspberry bushes.

The strawberries in my cereal are a real treat. They were local, deep red and sweet. Their season is really short–only a few weeks and they are done. The ones in the supermarket, which you can buy almost the year around are not. I am going to enjoy the cut up local strawberries fully aware in a few weeks they will not be available. The strawberries in supermarkets are never that red and sweet.

I Stood Two Feet Away…

Author: siggy

I stood two feed away from the ruby throat hummingbird. I was watering my Fuscia plant and Guinea inpatiens both hanging from my white pine tree. The hummingbird feeder was to the right of the two baskets. While I was doing that a hummingbird came to its feeder. I did not want to scare it so I stood perfectly still for at least sixty seconds. I usually are not able to get that close to a hummingbird. I could clearly see its red under its throat. And watched its wings rapidly twirling as it went from spot to spot on the feeder. All I could think of is how creative God was in all the creatures He made. There is not one like a hummingbird. I never forgot the one I saw in Union Square in San Francisco. The park was an oasis in the middle of a city and somehow the hummingbird found the nectar in the plant. I always wondered where it went surrounded by pavement.

Yesterday my wife from the kitchen window saw a pair of blue birds check out the bluebird box on the fringe of the woods in the backyard. She thought one might have checked out the interior of the box. I wonder whether they will come back. Two years ago she saw another pair check out the bird box and the same day the box tumbled from the tree. This time I made sure that would not happen. All I could do now is wait to see if the bluebirds come back.