It was very difficult to hand over my manuscript to someone else for a general reaction.  I suspect I know what his reaction will be but I had to hand over the manuscript for someone’s opinion other than my wife.  The manuscript is my “baby”.  I believe the manuscript is worthy.  I guess I just have to wait for my friend to respond to my collection of poetry.  It is just a hard thing to do.  He did say he will be fair about the process.  I will just have to wait and waiting is hard.

Keeping your grass mowed is an exercise in futility.  My neighbor has an acre of grass adjoining our property.  He spends hours every week keeping it mowed.  To me it is an exercise in futility.  I usually hire someone to keep our grass mowed.  I really want to convert most of our grass to a garden.  I just don’t know how to do that.  I will learn though.  I think we will attract more birds if we convert our grass to gardens.  I don’t know what it is with most Americans:  they take pride in have a nicely cut lawn.  I just think it is silly.  I would rather let most of my grass convert naturally to meadows.

The first time I ate out was at a White Castle in the sixties.  Does White Castle still exist?  I don’t know.  Eating out was not some thing our family ever did.  Now it is not that unusual to do so although it is still special when I do.  I really do not take dining at a restaurant for granted.  I usually avoid fast food restaurants.  I would rather dine at a finer restaurant.  I do occasionally for special events.  I don’t take it for granted.

People who think they are perfectly normal create havoc around them.  Never get mad at them.  They think how could you possibly get angry at me.  Little old me.  ‘I did nothing wrong.’  Such people are narcissistic to the nth degree.  They can’t accept being flawed.  And each person is flawed.  So they have no idea of the damage they do around them–the mistakes they make.  I know perfectly well I am a little crazy and make mistakes.  So is every person.  It is those people who can’t accept they are flawed and make mistakes who create havoc around them for they can’t judge they had a hand in the impact of those around them.  Every person is flawed, sins and makes mistakes.  And when you do, all you can do is ask for forgiveness from the ones you hurt with your actions.

There is a point your musical collection becomes unwieldy.  Especially when you don’t know what you got in your collection or you become indifferent about exploring new music.  There is still one basic fact about your collection:  you can only play one piece of music at one time.  The more you have, the more likelihood music you have may become buried.  That is one advantage of having a small collection:  you usually are aware of the music you have.  I usually give every piece of music one playing.  Sometimes that works against you when the music did not catch your attention at that point.  You may not have been in the mood to hear the LP or CD or whatever format the music is in.  In my case I kept expanding my tastes so the music I became aware of grew.  It still comes back to the realization you can only play one piece of music at one time.  That is always a limiting factor to your collection.

Somehow I felt relieved after both of my parents died.  I could be my own person easier.  They were not telling me I did not match up any longer or something I was doing wasn’t right.  My father never told me exactly how I did not match up.  I just knew I didn’t.  I had gotten into debt and that was a cardinal sin and I did not make much money.  That is what he was impressed by–money.  Nothing I did.  Mom was overly concerned about appearances.  Looking right to the rest of the world.  I did not have to deal with any of that any longer.  They were not looking over my shoulders any longer.  I was just relieved.

My wife and I have a fierce scrabble rivalry.  We play about once a week.  When we were courting I would bring my Scrabble game and we might play three games in a row.  She was intimated by me at first:  she lost ten games in a row and thought she would never beat me.  At first, she thought it was mercenary to count the points in a word.  I told her that was the whole idea making points not just words.  I taught her how to play better.  It was really logic I was teaching her—how to use the premiums on the board better.  She knew she had arrived when she once beat me ten games in a row.  We use a Scrabble computer dictionary and play an “open” game allowing each of us to consult it any time.  I really believe her vocabulary is bigger.  She says I am a better player.  I don’t think so.  We have heated games and sometimes the winner goes down to the last turn or two.  It is only by grace I have a live in Scrabble opponent.

The four way stop in Newport always amazes me.  Everyone takes their turn to cross the intersection.  Very polite like.  I never forgot the time I was in New York and another car wanted to merge into my lane.  I had the right of way.  The car did not care he wanted in despite that and was willing to drive me off the road, which he almost did.  I swerved and missed him by inches.  He was determined to get into my lane ahead of me.  I always think of that four way stop for an example how courteous most Perry County drivers are.  And it is not like that in some other states.  Particular (???) New York City.

A red tailed hawk dipped five feet away from my windshield coming from my left and vanished as quickly to my right.  I was on a major highway when this happened.  I could not understand what it was doing there.  Maybe, there was a carcass of an animal on the highway.  I did not notice any.  The hawk startled me.  I almost hit it.  Usually I do not get that close to one.  It was a mystery to me what it was doing there.  I was glad it was safe and flew away.

I was excited because I saw four or five singles crocuses inches from the clump I planted last year.  I was told they would spread.  I noticed the flowers were a little deeper purple than they were in the bed I planted.  I just wondered how the new crocuses spread.  Was it from seeds or do the roots spread.  This discovery I only noticed today.  The bed of crocuses have been blooming over a week.  It is exciting to see what discovery I will make next in our garden.

More Bird News

Author: siggy

I was trying to spot the bald eagle nest on top of a tree on a cliff that can be viewed from the road.  I never know the exact spot.  It has been there two or three years.  I did spot a big bird flying in the vicinity of the nest but it was too far away to identify it as a bald eagle.  Other people know the nest is there for they bring their cameras hoping to get a good sighting of a bald eagle.  Sometimes I do spot an eagle in the vicinity of the nest.  The sight of it always excites me.  Most of the time I do not see any.

It is a travesty there are more mentally ill in prisons than in hospitals.  Part of that is there are few state hospitals and often the money disappeared.  It, often, did not go for the necessary community services to provide the support some people needed.  In fact, the budget for service for the mentally ill already bare bone keeps getting trimmed.  What ever happened to the idea we are our brothers’ keeper.  Now the jails are being forced to treat the mentally ill.  And they want to use as little money as possible, use the cheapest drugs when other new ones would be more appropriate.  If you are manic they force you to take Thorazine for it is a cheap but is an outmoded treatment.  If you are a prisoner and happen to be mentally ill you have no civil rights or say about the matter.  It is really disgusting and inhumane.