The Maker Awaits Us All

Author: siggy

The Maker awaits us all.  Why do we act so surprised when He comes a knocking.  Yes, my kidney function is declining but we are all going to go.  Sometimes it comes suddenly and sometimes we have some time to think about it.

Life is indeed very precious.  And we can’t always choose our time.  In fact we never know for sure.  All we can do is wring every bit of life out of every day, every hour, minute given to us.  And praise the Lord in the process.  That is all we can do.  Praise The Lord for every minute, every day afforded to us.

Our perennial fight about stuff.  In the garage is a Hammond organ.  It is there because I did not want it in the living room.  It does not work.  I doubt anyone wants it.  My wife thinks it is worth something.  I just want to trash it.

That is the fight my wife and I have over and over–about stuff.  It is hard to get rid of any books.  Unfortunately when you have too many books the really good ones get buried.

That does not make any difference.  She insists on keeping them.  So our book shelves are bulging.

I collect music.  My wife at some point discovered E Bay and bought lots of used LPs and CDs and now my music collection is out of control.

We have fight after fight about things–too many things in our house–a lot of things that are not being used.

Is that what all couples have–issues that will not go away and can’t be resolved no matter what?

The red Gerbera Daisy keeps putting out more flowers.  I looked really carefully and noted there was a second one coming up, too.  This is the first one that did not die after I bought it.  Another (???) words, did not put out more flowers.  A small thing but it gives me pleasure.

I praised the Lord For the drizzly day.  I drove up the River and stopped at several landings.  I still remember how uncomfortable the heat waves were.  They were not too far from my memory–the ninety degree days and accompanied (???) high humidity.

I flushed one blue heron at one landing and a bat darted out above me into the road, which was kind of unusual since it was nine thirty in the morning and bats are nocturnal.

Anyway, I am going to to enjoy the rain and lower temperatures today.  I know the heat and humidity will come back.  Summer was not over yet.

I call it serendipity–the butterfly bush really a weed.  Two years in a row it came up in almost the same spot.  We could see it from our office window.  My wife said it was hard to transplant.  The butterflies loved alighting on its orange flowers.  I did not cut the lawn too well two years in a row.  Our lawn had turned into a meadow and there it was two years in a row.  I considered the plant a gift.  Like manna from heaven.

There was a surprise in the middle of the large field glanced from a speeding train.  I no longer remember what state I was in.  I was traveling to California. There was a male turkey with its wings completely unfurled.  I had never seen a male do that. I, of course, have seen pictures of it but this was a first time I ever saw it in the wilds.  I was thrilled to say the least.

The red Gerbera daisy was completely unfurled in the pot situated on the corner of our driveway.  I thanked God for it.  And enjoyed its beauty.  It was the first one we ever had who kept shooting out new flowers and did not die after I bought it home.  I have no explanation for the new flowers.  I wish I was that wise but I appreciated the new flowers it kept growing.  Life is composed of many simple pleasures and this was one.

I forgot that was normal for me–not to feel good right after I awoke.  I felt awful the first twenty five minutes.  That was a sign my manic episode was over.  I usually drink coffee upon awakening.  For months every morning I had felt fine (during my manic episode) and this morning I had to remind myself that was one sign my episode was over.  I had already started lowering the dosage of one medication (the one that gets raised when I have an episode).  My sleep patterns are beginning to change to one more normal for me.  My episode is winding down.

The acorn I found on the ground near my house I marveled at.  It was August 12 and the acorn was an harbinger of fall.  There were not many around.  Summer was only midway.

It was so perfectly round.  Its cap would not come off.  Before I know it the leaves will start coming down.  And next winter will come but there is always the illusion each season is here forever.  The acorn that fell in the middle of summer reminded me before we know the next season will be here.

Fall is about six weeks away.  The temperatures are high but not as unbelievable high as they were a few weeks ago.  I even saw two flocks of small blackbirds.  They usually come through the area two times a year–fall and spring.

There was the feeling summer was going to turn into fall.  I was enjoying the lower temperatures although I knew they would go up again.

Anyway, there was the distinct feeling summer was winding down.  I picked my first cherry tomato yesterday.  Summer was on its way out.

Discouragement As A Sin

Author: siggy

Discouragement is really a sin.  Down deep within you you know you are not doing your calling.  It gave me hope when I realized that.  I had to switch gears. I had to answer my tiny voice prompting me and obey it and that gave me hope.  I have been discouraged as of late.  I needed to obey the tiny voice I had been ignoring.

Coco, my other “pup” was content chewing on a bone, all by herself, outside.  She was two years already but I still called her my “pup”.  Her brother was in the house lying down.

I loved Coco who was an long haired female almost totally black.  She enjoyed her privacy.  Her mother, a golden retriever, was named Sweetie so I could not name Coco that.  Coco also was a real sweetheart.

Her nickname was wiggles.  I did not know I could love dogs (and cats) so much.  Each animal has their own personality.  And they are all different.  And I love each one.

All this is new to me.  I did not have any pets growing up.  My Mom was too fussy so she could not tolerate any.  So here I am with seven cats and four dogs, a real menagerie.  My wife loves animals.  And I do too.  I had to become an adult to find that out.