I checked the long range weather forecast for February.  I know it could change.  Nevertheless, it was encouraging.  No more Arctic freeze.  The temperatures were low forties high and low thirties low the whole month.  We will see.  There are three more days left of the freeze.  Then it will warm up a little.  I still want to go away for a week.  This winter.  I really am tired of the cold.

It Was A Funny Moment

Author: siggy

It was a funny moment.  I got tired of my squirrels eating my suet I put out for the woodpeckers.  I rattled the screen door as if I was going to dash out side to yell at the critters eating my suet.  Usually I don’t.  This time a squirrel peeked his head from the other side of the tree.  “Is he really coming out this time?” he was wondering this time.  I just laughed when I saw that. I have almost given up discouraging the squirrels.

Coco immediately found the chocolate bar.  It was a Hershey bar that my wife put down briefly on the table after tearing it open and taking a bite.  She was not paying attention.  She heard a rustling of paper.  One of my dogs Coco was slowly making her way through the medium sized bar.  She thought no one would notice but the crinkling of the wrapper gave her away.  My wife took the chocolate away from the dog and I put the remains on top of the refrigerator.  There was no way she was going to eat the chocolate after Coco nibbled it.  I was not that particular.

The primrose are still alive despite the “arctic” temperatures that just passed.  The freeze lasted at least four days but the primrose were protected:  they were covered by snow during that period.  I am still waiting to see if any of them bud.  I am checking them every day.  The next few days are going to be warm–in the forties and then back to seasonable temperatures–thirties and twenties.  Primrose do like cold weather.  Let us see if they will bloom.

We are in the middle of an heat wave–twenty-nine degrees!  We were in the middle of an Arctic freeze.  There were a few days the temperature hit below zero or did not hit ten degrees the whole day. I briefly “stuck” my nose out and it felt warm for the first time in days.  I checked the ten day forecast.  There will be a few days in the forties.  I bet the “freeze” will come back.  Maybe we have seen the worst of winter.  I don’t know.  I doubt it.  A friend from New Orleans sent me warm socks, scarves, hats and other clothing to keep warm.  He had no further need for them, I guess, he is not moving to a colder clime.  No major snow storms yet.

It may be the coldest day of the winter.  It was -4 below this morning and now it is a “whopping” 3 degrees at 1:00PM.  I checked the ten day forecast.  It will warm up.  One day is supposed to hit fifty.  We will see.

I learned Phil Everly died recently.  I immediately played the anthology I had of The Everly Brothers–a best of–“Looking Back.”  It is twenty cuts and is the best collection I ever heard of them.  In the eighties they reformed and came out with at least two albums.  I can comment on the first, which was superb and had Albert Lee playing on it and was produced by Dave Edwards.  “On The Wings Of A Nightingale” was expressly written for them by Paul McCartney in two part harmony.  The album which came out was in no way dated.  “Asleep” which closes the album is absolutely stunning.  The whole album is fresh and worth hearing.  I have no idea whether it is available on CD.  By all means if it is, get it.  You can’t go wrong.  When you hear them sing, it is hard to separate their voices.  They blended so perfectly.