I have adjusted my expectations (of Spring).  My wife said it was really ‘December weather’ and I agreed.  Early morning it was nineteen degrees and currently it is thirty-three.  I will think cold and wait until it decides to become spring.  I have lowered my expectations.  It is really winter.  As far as I am concerned.

All I want to do is stay in:  it is just too cold outside.  I checked the ten day forecast and it is more of the same for the next six days.  Presently it is under thirty degrees.  It is supposed to be spring and I am waiting for the sixty and seventy degree weather.  I do not even want to go out.  Meanwhile I will just bundle up any time I have to leave the house.  I know the warmer temperatures are coming.  I am just impatient.

You have improved my life.  It goes beyond the obvious.  The material.  The house we live in.  We both love books and music.  And the house is bursting with them.  We both share a deep love of both.

The web site and blog you had a major hand in formatting.  I never would have started either if it wasn’t for you.  One and one really make three.

I prepare meals for you gratefully.  It is a privilege for me.  The two CD’s of my poetry came about for you encouraged me to recite my poetry in public and praised my delivery.

I never had such a large living room window and we watch the birds come to our feeders.  If you had not loved watching birds as much as me, it never would have come about.

I play my music for you all the time.  I usually play “DJ”.  That is a privilege to share my music.  We grew up in the same time frame and are familiar with quite a bit of the same music.  That is a gift.

You make me laugh and that is also a gift.  I write more funny poems because of your encouragement.

There are so many ways you enrich my life and these are only a few quickly stated ways.

Nothing is more precious than your name.  When that become tarnished, it becomes very difficult to get back.  Your reputation is everything.

Proverbs in the Bible says your name is more precious than all the money in the world.  That is a paraphrase but an accurate one.

You spend a lifetime building up a reputation and have to guard it with your life.  There is nothing you own that is more important than your name.  Your integrity is everything.

And there is no greater test to it than when things go wrong.  Do you handle problems face on and do not become defensive or give excuses when you make a mistake.  It matters.

To me the greatest test of a company (like a person) is when things go wrong.  Do you associate the name of the company with respect and integrity to the customer they serve.

Companies spend a lifetime building their name so you associate the company with courtesy and respect and trust.  Their name (like your individual name) is everything so be very careful of your reputation.  It is everything.

Most nights I am greeted by my three black pets when I go to bed.  There is “Coco” my female “pup” who usually is at the foot of my bed.  Then there is “Tilla” another “pup”, who sometimes lies on the left side of my bed and other times is on the the bed.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I find him curled right next to me.  I call these two dogs “pups” but they are full grown now.  There is my black cat “Cool Hand Luke” who is never too far from me sometimes snuggling right next to me.

This is their routine.  And they know mine.  My cat has been with me almost ten years even before Lynelle and I married.

I have other pets (two more dogs and six more cats) but these three are special and when they are not in my bedroom when I go to bed I miss them.  I always leave the door ajar so if they want to leave, they can.  They have spirits of their own.

I wonder who will show up at my doorsteps.  Each year toads, of all sizes, from tiny to humongous, show up attracted by the insects the porch light collects.  Every year or two a large box turtle comes from the tiny creek in back of our house.

Sometimes it can be found sunning himself on the slab of concrete in back.  I never (???) exactly what creature will make an entrance.  Twice we saw large orange salamanders in the yard.

We usually uncover them accidentally:  they like moist environments.  I had no idea of their exact identity.

Once my wife saw a wild turkey in the front yard.  They are in the area but I never saw one being in the yard before.  A few weeks ago a possum was discovered by the dogs.

I shooed then away.  I thought it might be dead and was relieved when it was gone the next day.  I never know exactly what will appear in the yard.  I just enjoy and welcome the next creature who comes to our doorsteps.

It will be more of the same temperatures. I checked the long range forecast and found out it will be cold for the next seven days–it will hit the low forties at most. Then the low fifties. Not very warm at all. We had one or two previews of spring whereby it hit the low seventies. It still feels like winter. It is easy to complain. Praise the Lord we can still pay our heat bills. I know it will get warmer. I just want it now if not sooner! I am clearly not in charge.

It Was Just Cold And Wet

Author: siggy

It was just cold and wet.  To my surprise upon waking up, there was some snow on the ground.  Just some patches.  It was thirty-three degrees outside and drizzling.  If the temperature dropped another degree, it would be snowing.  Although it was spring officially, it still felt like winter.  All I wanted to do was stay in where I had heat and it was dry.  I am waiting for the “real” spring to show up.

Yesterday Lynelle excitedly pointed out a ring necked pheasant across the street.  I had never seen one from my house.  We watched it cross the street and disappear into our woods.  A little over a mile away there is a state game land where they stock ring neck pheasants for the hunters.  I considered the sighting “serendipity”.  It was a bird I never expected to see in this immediate area.  It made my day.

It was only a quarter yet…  I wanted to buy an half a gallon of milk.  The only cash I had was some loose change in my car.  I grabbed it hoping I had enough for that purchase.

I looked at the carton of milk.  I did not have enough money for it.  I was short a few cents.  I went back to my car and decided to look on the floor near the driver’s side.

There was a quarter.  I was thrilled.  Now I had enough to buy the milk. It is nearing the end of the month and we are particularly short on cash right now.  Sometimes God gives you just what you need.

Not more but just what you need.  You can’t look too far ahead.  All God promises is food and shelter.  I needed to be reminded of that.  All I needed today was another quarter.  And that is what I got.

The local paper is more interesting to me than the Sunday regional paper.  The accounts in the first paper are more personal.  Sometimes they are about people I know.  Other times the articles revolve around regions I am familiar with.

The news is more relevant to me.  I can’t always identify with the articles I read Sunday.  Sometimes the writing in the regional paper is too generic.  I want to read about news that affects me.

I live in a county that until recently had no red light.  Now it has one.  And that was news in the “Sun”, the local paper.  There is too much news in the “Patriot News” I just don’t care about.

Of course, the “Patriot News” has its place.  Lately, though, the Sunday paper just collects dust.  And I don’t miss it but I do “The Sun” when I don’t read it.

It only takes five or ten minutes to read but it is news I am always interested in.  It is always more personal.

Every time I view that empty nest in the lilac bush I wonder how a bird could have made it and raised little ones in plain sight and I never noticed it last year.  The nest was smaller than a robin would have made.  It had to have been a small bird and I wonder the identity of that bird.  Every time I see the empty nest I wonder what else am I missing right in front of my nose.  All I can do is keep my eyes and hears (!! ears !!) open and await my next discovery.