Twice in the last week I have seen a female cardinal feed another one.  I believe she was feeding on sunflower seed.  This was unusual behavior.  The two were adult females.  And neither appeared to be hurt or injured in any way.  Once they were on the ground.  And another time on the bird feeder that had mostly sunflower seed on it.  One fed the other directly beak to beak.  This behavior had me stumped.

The dahlias keep putting out beautiful purple flowers.  My wife forgot she even planted those bulbs.  Actually two plants came up and now both had multiple buds.  They must like Fall.  They both came up among a bed of black-eyed susans.  Now I am curious how many buds will become flowers until the cold kills them.  I love gazing at each flower that blooms.

I can’t react blindly to my mate.  Otherwise, I am controlled by her.  I have to choose my reaction.  If she is angry, I can’t react in anger.  I can deflect her moods better that way.  This was not my idea but I read it in a book.  And it makes perfect sense.  I balked initially.  But I tried it out.  And it does work.  Anger begets anger.  It says this in Proverbs (which is in the Old Testament).  The idea is not new.  There is a time for anger but not all the time.  It is a powerful emotion and you have to be careful when to vent.  Otherwise, it gets abused.

We never meet the expectations of our mate.  Sometimes they are reasonable.  Sometimes they are not.  Each of us are very flawed.  Another way to say the same thing is each person sins.  Not one would say they are perfect (or never makes a mistake).  That is why forgiveness at the end of the day is so important–to wipe our slate clean.  We never completely meet the expectations of our mate.  It is impossible.  We are all imperfect.

We flushed a blue heron in an unlikely spot–just down the block at my neighbor’s far corner of his property, where there was a little creek.  It must have been drinking its water.  It just surprised me.  I never would have expected to see one there.

I mentioned it to someone I “bumped” into at the local supermarket and he declared they are everywhere and eat the bass in the river and also trout in other streams.  He complained the state will fine you $200 if you kill one.  And said they are so numerous they do not need the state’s protection.  I just shrugged my shoulder and continued walking down the aisle.

The bread thief did it again:  my wife left the rye bread on the counter and briefly left the room.  Our dog gently took the loaf of bread out of the wrapper on the counter and gobbled down the bread when no one was watching him.  “Pax” also loves bagels.  And if you lay one down somewhere, that is also history.  He will do this right in front of you.  He is a real thief.  Just stick a slice of bread in front of his nose and he will follow you anywhere.  He just loves bread.

A Meal Fit For A King

Author: siggy

It was a meal fit for a king:  my wife cut a large chunk of rye bread and grabbed a Macintosh apple and gave them to me on my way out.  I had to eat something.  I thank the Lord for this meal.  The rye bread was deliciously crusty and the apple, extremely crisp, was very tasty.  Usually about once a year you can find them that way.  Yes, I ate my meal on the run but silently thanked God for this “feast”.  He often gives you more than you deserve (and abundantly).

I am tired of wearing raggedy blue jeans.  It seems like almost all are frayed and holey.  I am aware of endeavors that require new clothes you ought to be leery of.  Despite that, I want blue jeans that don’t make me feel I am poor, which I am not.  Today I want to run out and buy several pairs of jeans so I can “trash” all my frayed blue jeans.  I don’t want to think about my clothes after I am dressed.  I can’t wait to throw away my raggedy blue jeans.  I like what one girl friend told me, ‘I take care of the clothes I put on in the morning when I get dressed and then I forget about them the rest of the day.’  Not her exact words but close.  I can’t do that knowing my jeans are that “poor” looking.

The “church” is not the building.  It is the body of believers.  Invisible but real nevertheless.  Unified by the belief in Jesus Christ, that He died for us and our sins.  If you are looking at the building and consider that the church, you are looking at the wrong place.  It is always the “body” of believers.  When two or more are gathered, that is the body.

My Cap Rack

Author: siggy

My cap rack thrilled me.  Now I can collect all my favorite caps and store them in one place.  They were everywhere.  A neighbor sold me one.  I was not looking for it.  It “found” me.  Just call it serendipity.

Do all couples go through this?  She was complaining I would steal her half of the comforter away from her waking her up.  And she usually did not fall asleep again so quickly.  I decided to give each of us our own sheet.  It seems to be working.  I have been waking her up less.  Marriage is working out every detail–especially when there is some problem between the two of you.  You are not always successful but you need to try.

A chickadee came to visit yesterday.  I had repacked the feeder with clean sunflower seed.  The birds had stopped coming to it.  I was thrilled when I saw my first chickadee visit the feeder.  They are one of my favorite birds to watch.  I always love watching their antics.  I had not seen one in a long time.  Or any bird come to this feeder.  Now I will await the next visitors.