God does not owe you anything.  Everything is by His grace.  All He promises you is food or shelter.  He often gives you gifts beyond that.  It says in the bible that when you pray, you do so with a spirit of thankfulness.  Otherwise you are this person who tells the Person upstairs I want this or that.  When you pray with a spirit of thankfulness, you appreciate the gifts He has given you.  And there is less and more in this world.  That is why when you have the ability to help someone in anyway and you turn your back on that person, you have committed a sin.  You are not able to help everyone, but, nevertheless, The Lord puts people in your immediate circle who need your help.  It does not matter what it is.  Each person has the ability to alleviate someone’s suffering.  It may be a kind word or even just a smile.  You do not live in a vacuum.  It is true God does not owe you anything but never forget you can impact others around you.  And that gift might have a ripple effect in our universe.  Never give up the power you have.  The power of one.