It was three weeks to spring. There was no end of winter in sight. It was zero degrees when I checked the computer this morning and the ten day forecast was not encouraging: twenties and thirties highs. It definitely was not seasonable weather. Abnormally cold.

The opossum was a rare sight. He was navigating on the frozen snow in broad daylight through a wide open area. That was just a little unusual. Usually you see them only at night.

It is one day minus four weeks to spring.  My countdown has started.  It has been a little warmer for a few days but the temperature is going down again.  I keep checking the ten day forecast but it does not bode much relief from the cold.  Not yet anyway.  And there might be more snow on the horizon.  Will this winter ever end?

One thousand unidentified bodies were found on land they wanted to build a medical school in Mississippi.  It was on the site of a former mental hospital.  And all the director of the medical school could do was complain about the three million it will take to give each body a proper burial.  And as the article said if the money was needed for their football team, it would be obtained.  Where is the outrage?!  Each person once had a Mom and probably a Dad.  And the parents invested their hopes and dreams for their child.  And no one knows who they are?  Where is the outrage?  That is the only thing I can say.  And I have to repeat a third time:  Where is the outrage?!

It is one day minus five weeks to spring.  All I see is snow.  And it feels like the cold will never leave us.  In the next ten days there will be five days where it will be in the forties, then thirties again.  It will warm up again.  Our one car is snowbound.  Let us see how long it takes for the snow to melt.  At least, I got the other car out.  Spring will come.  It just does not feel that way now.

It is beyond the halfway point of winter.  Spring, in fact, is next month.  I checked the ten day forecast.  At best, the temperature is a degree or two above freezing.  Our car got stuck on the ice trying to back out.  A neighbor spent over an half an hour shoveling the ice under my car. (bless his help)  Finally we got the car out.  It seems as winter will go on forever.  There is no end in sight.

It is still going to remain cold.  I checked the ten day forecast and seven of those days it will not going above freezing.  I will just bare (bear) it.  And have enough layers of clothing on.  There is nothing else to do.  I will stay in most of the time.  And still shiver every time I go outside no matter how much clothing I have on.  And will not be able to wait until the heat kicks on in my car.