My “monster” cactus in my den has its first flower. It is completely pink and measures from its tip of the stem to the flower six inches. The flower will last a day or two and then wilt. Such beauty! And now there will be two more flowers. And I will watch their development carefully.

My “monster” cactus which we hung up in my den has three buds. It does not tolerate the cold too well so we had to bring it inside the house. I have been watching the daily growth of these three buds. The cactus has five inch wide pink flowers and tentacles several feet long. Each day the buds are a little bigger. I was amazed we did not break any tentacles gently transporting it. We have had the plant for at least two years.

Cool hand Luke greeted me. My black cat came into my den after I was in there awhile. This time it was two hours. He arched his back in front of me and wanted to be petted. He is the only cat to do this. He comes into my den every morning to be petted. He is the only cat to do that. I have had him for over thirteen years. He was not quite full grown when someone gave me to me. He probably slept in my bedroom curled up on a pillow above my head last night although I don’t remember him doing that. I fell asleep rapidly.

The mums in a pot outside were flowering for a third time. There were white and pink and yellow flowers. My wife kept cutting them down after each bloom. It was November although they like the cold. The primrose are coming up in the garden. Although they like it even colder. At least one year they bloomed throughout the whole winter. There was no extended freeze that year.

I had several encounters with creatures near my house. First I ran over a box turtle not hitting it in the road and then stopped and checked on it. Someone must have hit it not too long ago. It was dead. The red blood was still fresh under it. I did not want any car hitting it again so I kicked it to the side of the road. It was about five inches long and must have seen a few years.

Last week I walked into my den and to my surprise there was a bird flying around it frantically trying to get out. That was a mystery to me how it flew by us without us first seeing it (through the open garage door). First I gave up the idea of trapping it. Finally I opened one window and released the screen window and it flew out. I think it was a house wren.

Today’s encounter was in my car. A wild turkey hit the front of my car and made it across the road wings flapping wildly. I passed that spot several minutes later and it was gone. I must have stunned it. It was no longer in that spot.

You never know what creature you will see next. I live on the edge of country.