There are differences between Tilla and Coco, who I call my “pups” (we raised them from pups}.  Coco when she wants her belly rubbed, will demurely, ever so slowly raise her right paw to indicate that.  Tilla will simply flip himself on his back and demand his undersides be rubbed.  He has no shame.  It is, though a very vulnerable position to expose your soft underside.  He must trust me.  I do usually rub his belly whenever he wants.

Coco loves her bones.  I have more than once seen her sitting so dainty like cross her front paws with a big bone laying over her front paws.  Tilla is more aggressive and if he chooses will easily take away her bone with almost no fight from her.  But do not mistake Coco:  she can quickly let us know if she wants to go out or come in.  Coco often can be found sleeping in our bedroom next to the bed when it is time for us to retire.

Oh by the way both dogs are black, Tilla is short haired and Coco is long haired.  Both weigh in the vicinity of eighty pounds.  And Coco has a reddish tint to her body.  Tilla is barrel chested and sleek while Coco is rolypoly and looks like she could stand to lose a pound or two.

Tilla is really more aggressive.  I call him “small woof”.  He is more unpredictable than Coco.  I can’t tell Tilla apart from his Dad when either bark.  His Dad (who we call “Big Woof”) is a rottweiler mix over ninety pounds.  These are just a few observations particularly of the two dogs first mentioned.

The first snowfall this fall came last night.  It was a light snowfall and a smattering of snow and every tree was covered in white.  It wasn’t to amount to too much but it was a beautiful sight.  The roads were cleared but I loved seeing the mantel of white.  Let us see what the rest of the fall and winter has in store for us.  I was out already once in my car to the post office but I had to drive cautiously.

Every delusion (or fantasy) of yours has a kernel of truth in it.  You need to examine it, determine the dynamics.  I can’t tell what it is telling about yourself.  Nothing appears from nowhere.  You have to determine what truth it is revealing about yourself.  It is working backwards but after you discover the truth you will understand yourself a little better and know what needs to change.  Your delusions and fantasies are fulfilling a purpose.  Nothing exists in a vacuum.

Careless speech is all too easy today.  This generation is texting and E Mailing each other not even aware true speech is not really occurring.  Communication is ninety per cent non verbal.  All these people are doing is conveying pure information or data.  That is a problem.  In fact, others of this present generation are actually now fearful or uncomfortable with face to face contact with others.  It is too easy to deceive others and face to face contact makes this considerably harder to do.

Thanksgiving is not about turkey dinners and all the trimmings.  It is about families getting together and displaying gratitude for all your blessings.  I know it is a hard time for those especially in NY and NJ who got hit hard by the storm “Sandy”.  It created havoc in those states particularly.  The original Thanksgiving celebration was about the pilgrims praising the Lord for food and shelter.  Not everyone made it through the winter.  Thanksgiving is just that, thanking God for all your blessings and everyone has some reason to be thankful.

For the long haul follow your passions.  Every person can do a lot of things competently–some more than others.  If you want to follow your dreams, follow your bliss, the things you get excited about and would do even if it produced no income.  Then you will impact others so follow your passions.  Only then will you truly be successful and enrich the world you live in including those around you.

Everyone prioritizes their time–every day.  If their is something that you are not getting to every day, it was not important enough to you.  And every day we determine what tasks are the most important to do.  Sure, some people are busier than others.  Nevertheless if you say to someone I would love to do that.  And everyday you do not get to that.  Let us face it, other things were more important to you.  This is a natural process.  If you want to get to something, something has to go.  Every body has the same twenty-four hours.

The slate-covered juncos are here.  I saw several in the backyard.  Their flashing white tails were unmistakable.  I have a friend who calls them ‘snow birds’.  No snow yet but I have not seen one in the front of my yard.  Anyway, I figure it will be any day and they will feed on my bird seed now.  Maybe, it will take snow first to have them to feed on my seed.