The Best Boss I Ever Had

Author: siggy

He was the best boss I ever had.  I remember two things he stressed:  he would not tolerate gossip in his department and he insisted every person do his job properly.  He would get on your case if you engaged in gossip.  If you had a beef with him, you had to directly discuss that with him.  No one was allowed to engage in gossip.  He knew how destructive gossip could be in a department.  If you were not doing your job, he would correct you and insisted you hold your weight.  Slackers were not allowed.  He knew if one person did not do his job that would spread to the whole department.  Morale would be affected.  I never forgot the story he told me when he ran a big trucking terminal.  The workers who would slack off he would position right next to him right and left.  They knew they could not get away without doing their job properly.  He was a good boss and morale in his department was always high.  I learned how to be a good boss from him.

If America Is So Free…

Author: siggy

If America is so free, why do we have the biggest population of prisoners in the world?  That is a good question.  A disproportionate number of prisoners are black and poor.  I guess if you have a good lawyer, you usually do not end up in jail.  Many of the prisoners are in for non-violent crimes–mostly drugs.

Another travesty is there are more mentally ill in our prisons than in hospitals.  And many are not getting proper care.  Also, corporate profits are at a sixty year high.  And their taxes are at a sixty year low.

I just read if you factor inflation in, the minimum wage would be over twenty dollars.  It is not, so where are the profits coming from?  I thought I read that in the US one in five collect food stamps.  All that is not right.  Are we really our brother’s keeper?  Our leaders have a vested interest in keeping our population poor.  Our politicians may be elected by the people but most of them do not answer to the general population.  It is big money that they answer to.

In the words of Fidel Castro’s brother (during a Sean Penn interview), the politicians in America are the ‘ruling class.’  And now the government wants to run the medical profession.  As more and more details come in, instead of the price of medical insurance going down it might double or triple for some people in 2014.  It is enough to really get discouraged with our country.  Our land of the free.

The fruit is at least a week away.  The black raspberry plants just budded the last few days.

Yesterday, I tracked all the blackberry plants for they had white buds and tried to remember where the plants were in the woods when they ripen.