I decided to visit my creek.  Half the time or more it is dry.  We have been getting some rain and I glanced down in the water and saw a ?frog disappear under a rock.  That was a first.  It is not unusual for toads to be found in our front yard.  Sometimes I even find toads in our garage.  That was the first time I ever saw a frog in that tiny creek.

All you can do is mine who you are.  As a writer that is all you can do.  You are who you are.  And that is where your get your material to write.  We are all given a tiny piece of the universe.  It is small but that is what you got to work with.  We all think a little differently.  Each person is a “snowflake” and that is what we have to mine as a writer.  We can not portray ourselves as we are not.  Then it comes across as being phony.  We are ourselves for better or worse.

In a mere four days spring arrives.  I usually start a countdown to spring earlier but this weather was unusually warmer.  The primrose and crocuses have bloomed.  The daffodils are next.  Pretty soon we will start planting pansies and other flowers.

It was an unusual slate colored junco–more commonly called “snow” birds. Usually you only see the white on their tail wings as they flick them but this particular bird had one side of its tail showing white all the time.  I noticed this particular bird for weeks.  It was about a week until spring and they migrate north so don’t know how much longer that bird will be around.  It seemed only a few weeks ago we had a large snow storm and slate colored juncos were all over the yard feeding on the birdseed I put out on the top of the snow.

March ninth was the first day this year we played Scrabble in our yard. We were in the middle of a heat wave for this time of the year. I counted seventeen wide open purple crocuses and today one yellow primrose opened with more on the way. I know the temperature will get colder and more seasonal but I am enjoying this burst of spring.

Spring is coming, Spring is coming !!! I am waiting for today and tomorrow to end. Then we get five days of Spring-like weather. My crocuses have eleven buds, and the daffodils are getting higher and higher. I know the cold weather this year was short, but I still remember those ice cold days we had. Spring is less than two weeks away, and I can’t wait for it to come.