Thank God For Fatigue

Author: siggy

Thank God for fatigue. It is a signal to your body you need to rest, recuperate. That is what is so bad about being addicted to speed: you override that signal to your body. Do it long enough and your body just deteriorates. If we obey our bodies we do better. Our body is constantly giving us messages. And we do better when we obey those signals.

Tilla will periodically jump on my bed as I enter that room just so he can get my attention. He is one uninhibited and affectionate dog. After I leave my bedroom he will immediately jump off. He loves my hugs. He and I have a very special relationship. He is my favorite dog and usually sleeps at the foot of my bed although the last two nights he hopped on my bed right next to me. He is totally unpredictable and definitely has his own mind. He is also a rascal: do not leave any food around. It is his if you forget about it. Nothing is safe around him.

Coco, one of my dogs, came into my den in the early morning and demanded my attention. She insisted I pet her for at least ten minutes. She would not move from that spot. If I stopped petting too soon she would demurely raise one paw and lay it on my lap. She did this three mornings in a row. This was unusual behavior for her. She is usually not that insecure. Let us see if she does the same thing four times in a row. Coco is a long haired midsized black female with fluffy black ears with a splash of white on her neck absolutely irrepressible. She has a very sweet personality and is all female. And she knows it.

Yesterday near my house I flushed ten turkey hens. That was the largest flock I had ever seen at one time. They all disappeared into the woods on my right heading for the tiny creek that lay below. I was thrilled to see so many wild turkeys at one time.

Sweetie, my golden retriever, is no longer that needy. She was neglected when she was really young. When we first got her, she wanted you to pet her forever. She could not get enough affection. She was put in the basement for hours at a time–even got pregnant before she was one year old when she was tied down outside in the yard and a dog jumped the fence and impregnated her. We have owned her, maybe, eight years and now she knows she is loved. She was neglected as a young dog. No longer.

Yesterday I spotted a turkey hen with at least five babies milling around her before they disappeared into the woods. I drove right by them. The babies were half as tall as the mother. That was the second time I spotted a turkey with her babies as of late.