It was the first time I have ever seen two turtles at one time in this area.  They were separated by almost a foot and both were in a straight line facing the road diagonally.  I saw them from my car and both were a foot or two from the curb.  They were about five inches long and almost the same size.  I never know exactly what I will see the at the edge of country.

I dump my coffee if it gets too cold or is older than an hour.  My coffee pot has a timer on it.  I have had fights over this.  Of course, with my “other”.  How can you waste coffee?  In my defense, I only make an amount I can drink in an hour.  It is funny, the things couples fight about.  My first wife used to get really pissed.  Maybe, that is why I am no longer married to her.  Couples have broken up over less.

We finally discovered the nest of the Carolina wren that we kept seeing and hearing from our front entrance.  It was well hidden:  in the back of an hanging cherry tomato plant near the fence less than fifteen feet from our front entrance.  We could only see one baby in it but we did not want to disturb it too much so we don’t know how many there are.  This is the second year a Carolina wren has nested nearby.  The baby we could see was quite big so it probably won’t be there long.

Twice I drove into town to put gas into my cars.  On both of those trips I spotted several rabbits and one baby one just on the edge of the meadow.  It immediately disappeared into the undergrowth.  I just got a glimpse of it.  It was tiny–only a few inches wide.  Then on my way home from church I took the back road and I passed a turtle and then I stopped to go back to make sure he will safely make it to the other side of the road.  When it saw me it scurried quickly to the other side of the road.  The box turtle measured approximately six inches from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail.

It is a gift my wife does not mind the music I play on the stereo most of the time.  Both of our taste in music is eclectic.  My first wife had to be out of the house for me to freely play the stereo.  So it is only by grace I can do that.  She does, though, sometimes ask me to lower the volume.

The deer just stood there.  It was on the right of our car three feet in and just looked at us.  It could have been a yearling and simply did not learn to be afraid of cars yet.  This is the second time of late we passed a deer and it did not leap away and vanish.  It just stood there.

One black eyed susan is blooming.  The plants are growing fast and will bloom later on in the season.  Right now there is one flower.  Whatever possessed that one to bloom is beyond me.  I will just enjoy that one.  Later on there will be countless ones for there are several beds of them.  Right now I will enjoy the single flower.  And then maybe all the others.

Don’t trap others:  always give each person a gracious way out.  I was, particularly, thinking of my “other.”  I try to give her as much freedom as I can.  If you make a request, make sure she has a way out.  Don’t trap her.  Always give her a gracious way to say, “No.”  Your mate does not exist solely for you.  She has her own set of desires and aspirations.  Hopefully you can help her with a few and with her growth.  Encouragement not entrapment.  You’re supposed to be her helpmate.

I Am Not My Diagnosis

Author: siggy

I am not my diagnosis.  I could state it but it does not matter.  I am a man who loves all kinds of music, writes poetry, letters and other things.  I love nature particularly the birds I attract with all my feeders.  I am married to a woman I love who is not quite the same but loves a lot of the same things particularly music from the same era.  She is not perfect but close.  We both love to read and I have more books in my house that I ever had before.  She loves mysteries.  I don’t.  But our tastes in books and music is very eclectic.  Music and books are all over the house.  She usually lets me be.  I am not as good as her in that regard and sometimes have to learn to be quiet.  We have our own space in our house.  I love the mountains, the lakes and ocean.  So does she.  We live on the edge of country.  I am all these things and more.  I am not my diagnosis I have to state again.  That is just an artificial artifact.  The doctors need that and my insurance.  That is the only purpose of my diagnosis.  It is not me.

“Tilla wants out again!”  He is the only dog of our four who know how to pop open the front screen door and let himself out the front door into the fenced yard.  All we could say is, “Tilla wants out again.” as he runs into the yard.

A Carolina wren must have a nest nearby.  I have seen it repeatedly hop on the posts of our fence and sing out from my front door.  It has a beautiful voice I was not familiar with it (???).  As far as wrens go it is big.  Now I am looking out for it and trying to discover its nest which is probably in the adjacent gigantic bush.  Catbirds have nested there before.  Last year a Carolina wren had a nest in a flower pot hanging from the garage door.  Carolina wrens are birds I have fallen in love with.  It was one I was unfamiliar with until I started putting up bird feeders.