The Two Day Heatwave

Author: siggy

Yesterday I never found out the final temperature in the afternoon. I was told it broke over an hundred year record, maybe, since they were keeping records. Today is more of the same. It might also break the record for that date. Today I stripped off my sweater. I was too hot and I am about to take off my longjohns. The next day it is back to more normal temperatures–thirties and twenties with maybe highs of around forty. Anyway, it is a preview of spring. Next Sunday is four weeks to spring and I can’t wait. It’s coming.

Why Hoarding Is Wrong

Author: siggy

Hoarding is wrong. Your “number” may come up tomorrow so what good did it do you. There is nothing wrong in properly using your resources and planning for the future. Up to a point.

There is always a balance. At what point is too much too much? I collect LP’s. I have too many of them. And the really good music, unfortunately, gets buried. And when you have too much you can’t give each individual new record the proper attention.

Collecting too much of anything at some level sometimes indicates we do not trust God to provide for our needs–like storing too much food in our pantries.

Sometimes all we can see, do is our very next step. Trusting our Lord is trusting He will provide for us. Yes, we try to conserve our resources but hoarding is not necessary: He will always provide us with food and shelter.

One And One Are Three

Author: siggy

One and one are three. I was in my office, looked around and thought you have improved my life. It is said in the bible it is not good to be alone. I am convinced “The Creator” made marriage for one reason–to teach us to love better. It really makes no difference who your partner is. Each person in a relationship is “stretched”, has to take in their partner with all their strengths and weaknesses and somehow learn to love the other despite their flawed nature. Sure one can break up the union.  Despite that, one and one always makes three.

It was fifty outside and the thin pine trees were really swaying in the wind.  There was a dull roar in the background.  It was a perfect day to fly a kite except I didn’t have one.  This whole week promised to be above average temperatures.  Winter was winding down and this week was a preview of spring.  I just checked:  daffodils are poking their heads out of the soil.  Yesterday we saw pussy willow buds.  I am, next, searching for the primrose that come up even before the daffodils.  Winter is winding down.  Spring is now in the air.

Sunday Slipped By

Author: siggy

Sunday slipped by:  from that point it is six weeks to spring officially.  Now I can start my six weeks countdown to spring.  Temperatures will gradually rise and the cold weather will disappear again.  I do this every year.  Winter is on its way out after it hits the midpoint.  It makes it a little bit bearable.  I never liked the cold.  I never lived in a climate other than a temperate one.  I just endure winter and its accompanying cold weather.

We have a large white pine tree outside our living room window.  Three large branches lay under it plus one small one.  The weight of the ice from the storm ripped them off the tree.  Today is the second morning after the freezing rain and there they lay.  I don’t want to keep them there.  Somehow I think it is bad karma to do so but the birds don’t mind:  they keep coming feeding on the sunflower seed I put out.  I still want to do something about it.

The storm left all the trees with a coat of ice.  This only happens once or twice a year.  The trees were beautiful as they glistened in the sunlight.  I glanced out my bedroom and the large mulberry tree was completely covered with ice.  Outside my large living room door (???) were three branches of my white pine snapped off by the weight of the ice.  It was a day to stay in and watch the birds come to the sunflower seed.  Things could be worse:  the whole town of Liverpool lost their electrical power in the storm.  We still had it.