I did spot the first hummingbird.  It was not in PA but in my friend’s yard.  I was visiting a friend in another state.  It briefly hovered over one of his two bushes of red flowers.  The bird immediately disappeared.  My wife did not see any hummingbirds in our yard. Usually by the end of April I see one. Today is the last day of the month. Still no hummingbird there.

My Gerbera Plant was really resilient.  The five flowers were drooping at least twice because it needed water but perked up after I gave it water.  The petals on one were languid but again perked up after, again, I gave it water.  At least one night I left it outside when it was too cold but it revived when I brought it in a warmer environment.  My wife got it for me.  I love looking at the big flowers. I hope she found a good spot for it and it keeps shooting out new flowers.  It is one hardy plant.

Maybe you will see this and answer (I sent you three of them), or call !!!


In The Airport

Author: siggy

In the airport there milled around hundreds of people who were all strangers–maybe thousands.  I would just people watch.  They came in all ages, face and sizes.  Some people were tall and others short.  Their faces were all different.  I could only marvel at God’s diversity.  I kept expecting to run into a friendly and familiar face.  This was unrealistic.  In my town of less than a thousand I keep bumping into someone I have never seen so I don’t know know why I should expect that.

There were electrical outlet stations scattered in the airplane terminal.  Everyone today has I Pods, cell phones, laptops.  And they were being used.  That was a sight you would not have seen twenty years ago.

It was an auspicious start to my trip to New Orleans.  I left my house at twelve pm and did not get to my friends’ house until ten pm.  The plane I was supposed to take for the first leg of my journey was delayed, which meant I would miss my connecting flight.  The agent rerouted my flights but it meant almost a five hour layover in Dulles Airport.  I almost did not know what to do with my time.  Finally I listened to some music on my I Pod. It was an interminable wait.  I was so relieved when my plane took off and my friend picked me up and finally made it to his house.

My birthday was actually two weeks long this year.  My sisters (and their husbands) threw me a birthday bash at a beautiful restaurant with the Susquehanna River in the background. My sister in California arranged her itinerary (she and her husband were going to Spain) to be there.  The last time were were all together was two summers ago although this time my nephew and wife were there.  We were a party of thirteen.  I also invited some friends.  The weather was perfect (we ate on the deck of the restaurant) and so was the food.  We were commemorating my sixty-fifth birthday.  My one sister made the same cake my Mom used to make for our birthdays.  She went to a lot of trouble for me.  I don’t have many relatives but they are scattered from Shore to Shore.  Maybe if I make it we will have a seventieth birthday party.  We will see.

My wife will see the first hummingbird of the season.  I am going away.  I am jealous.

Traditionally the hummingbird (???) have been spotted by the end of April.  I leave for a week in less than forty-eight hours so I am running out of time.

Sometimes at dusk I drive home on a certain road.  I am curious what animals I may flush.  I have to drive slowly.  I do not want to hit a deer.  I have also seen opossums, raccoons, fox.  I never know exactly what I might flush.  There is a small creek on the right side of the road and deer (and other animals) come there to drink its water.  Wild turkeys you usually only flush during the day.  I also have to be careful I do not run over any stray cats.  I am always fascinated the way wildlife live in the midst of other people.  There are also bear in the area.  We have had them in our backyard.  Further down the road my wife spotted a bear cub.  There are large tracts of woods where I live so you are never exactly sure what you might flush.

I saw a red-tailed hawk in a spot I usually do not.  It was less than a mile away at a road nearby.  It flew over my front of my car across the road and alighted on top of a tree.  I backed up to get a better look at it but it was gone.  They are a common hawk in this area.  They are quite big and I always am amazed by their size.  I see one periodically.

I really do not feel sorry for my financial state.  One of my friends made some reference to that.  I never made as much money as him or leave (???) in such a beautiful house.  I am content with what I have.  There is less and more in this world.  That is the way it is.  God has blessed me abundantly.  I know that and I am content.

The wild violet was unusual:  a pale white with a light blue in the center.  Years before, we transplanted the uniquely (WAS unusually) colored wild violet from the backyard in my old house and each year the bed spreads.  I have never seen one (???) a wild violet colored like that.  The flowers are usually a deep blue.