The Violet Was Pale Blue

Author: siggy

The violet we took from the yard of my old house was pale blue and we planted it in one section of our yard. It spread and took over two sides of a walkway. I have never seen a violet that color anywhere. It is all a mystery.

It was a weed over two feet long. I had no idea what plant it was. It sprouted miraculous in a bit of dirt right at the edge of the garage. It totally amazed me that the seed took. Now it has a bud on the top of the plant and I am really curious what the flower will look like. I know the earth will take over if we disappear. In Detroit there are wild areas in the center of town where turkey and fox roam. All that fascinates me.

My greatest fan of my poetry is an eight year old in the church I was tending. He loves my off beat poetry some of which I have memorized. I gave him one copy of the first CD I recorded of my poetry. He loved it. His Mom said he is ‘quirky’. I don’t know exactly what to make of that. Maybe, I should direct publishing some of poetry for children’s publications. An illustrator could probably have a bit of fun drawing pictures for my poetry is very visual.

Universe after universe continues to unfold to me. Maybe, that is why I have no overwhelming desire to travel. My books are each an universe. My poems and other poems also beckon me to new worlds. There is countless ways my curiosity leads me. My garden is another world to explore. Each pet I have is distinctly different and I have to treat each one differently. There are so many worlds to explore just in my backyard. My extensive music collection is another universe. I just have to open my eyes and see what is in front of me–countless universes.

I was concerned about my rubber tree in my den. It is almost four feet high and all of a sudden the branches all drooped and I had to support the branches with wire and rope. I don’t know whether the branches will ever straighten up. None of the leaves were dying so that was a positive. About a week ago my wife gave the plant some Miracle Grow. Today I was absolutely thrilled: I found two spots where new leaves were unfurling. That certainly was a good sign. In all the years I had the plant I never fertilized it. The Miracle Grow must be doing something.

I listen to music every day, most days, for hours. I do not consider this a waste of time although some people might. My mind roams and although it seems I am doing nothing; it is part of my creative process. I tap into my mind and simply think and consider ideas and thoughts. Sometimes ideas for blogs occur then and I jot them down and later if I still feel strongly about these ideas I write another blog. It is my form of meditation.

I never forget a piece of music. First of all. It has to be very good. I don’t, necessarily, remember the single notes but I remember the melodies. I always remember the emotional impact of the song. That is fixed in my brain. I just have to hear it once. I consider that a gift. I don’t tolerate mediocrity. My taste in music is impeccable. That is also a gift–to be able to discern what is very good. All this is done at an intuitive level.

I awoke up early yesterday. It was about 4:30Am and went to the top of a hill in a crematory, took out a folding chair, sat and waited gazing at the sky and stars. Despite a large cover of clouds to the right I saw seven or eight shooting stars. I thought I would try, again, today. I only saw one shooting star but what a one it was! If you face your thumb sideways toward the sky and use that length and view the trail all the shooting stars made yesterday it was only that long. The one I saw this morning the trail it left was the length of three thumbs. I was thrilled. The meteor must have been a bigger one and it took longer to burn up into the atmosphere.

I could never understand why a writer had to go to a retreat to write. I write almost anywhere particularly if I wrote in my journal. Blogs are a little different. But not much. The ideas are almost, always, written on pads. Of course, I have to type on the computer and we only have one computer that is online. If I don’t have my current journal I will write on any paper I can find. I don’t have to go to a retreat to find the time to write. When something is bursting within me and I want to write about that., I always make the time. I may have to wait to find the time but I make time. If I hear from someone how they want to write and don’t, it is because other thing crowd out that desire. Other things are more important. If it is important enough you make the time. It is that simple.

Maybe, Cheyenne, one of my cats, who almost died last year changed her attitude toward me then. He would always walk into the opposite direction when I approached him. Last year he got very sick, had we waited one more day he might have died. The vet said his kidneys had almost shut down completely. We fully expected to hear from our vet that he did not make it through the night. We were thrilled when he called the next day and the vet said he was doing much better. I am not sure if that was the reason he would not run from me any longer. Now we are buddies and he welcomes my touch. I consider that a miracle.

I like watching my plants grow in my den. Right next to my Lazy Boy is several plants on top of a bookcase just to the left of me. I have a snake ivy I pay close attention to when a new leafsprouts. It may increase in length an half inch every day. And that amazes me. I have one cactus I inspect every day for new growth. And when it gives off a new shoot, I watch it grow bigger. I have had it for years and water it only once in awhile when it is completely dry. I just put a tiny cactus in one corner and it over a few weeks it slanted to the right–toward the sunlight. Every new discovery I make gives me pleasure.

Tilla Give Me Hugs

Author: siggy

Tilla, my favorite dog, gives me hugs. He puts his front paws and body on me when I am sitting. Sometimes it is his way of saying I want to go out in the yard and other time it is not. He is the only dog who will jump on the bed to greet me when I am in that room. And he will immediately jump off when I leave my bedroom. I never had a dog do that before. He is a very affectionate dog. Often when he comes in from the yard he will greet me (or my wife) by tapping me lightly with his nose.